News Your parents lied to you.

We’ve been lied to since birth. Our parents deceived us in good nature by informing us about the false existence of utter mythical creatures like Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, religions, and the government.

I believed in Santa because I didn’t think my parents would ever buy me a Knight Rider big-wheel, especially after I accidentally shattered the basement window with an aluminum baseball bat. Eventually I wondered why more and more gluttonous old men draped themselves in Santa outfits near the end of each year, and I realized Santa was just some fat man with a stupid outfit who could care less about what we wanted for Christmas – he just wanted his paycheck and a bottle of Jack Daniels to drink himself to sleep.

The Easter Bunny concept became more and more preposterous as I learned that Christianity was not the only religious sect; Jews don’t decorate their house with large colorful bunnies, only weird Christians do.

The Tooth Fairy was the worst. I was convinced that my teeth would regularly fall out and I would eventually appear on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” for earning the largest income on lost teeth. But the more teeth I lost, the less childhood income I accrued which I didn’t have to pay taxes on. I was unemployed the very day my wisdom teeth were extracted; the painkillers made up for it though.

Sometimes I think the Bible is possibly the best-selling science fiction novel ever written. Most of it is fantastic, yet seems as if the characters are human superimposition of other mythical beings with different powers. Sometimes I think religion was created to give people something to believe in because they’re often too weak to believe in themselves. Other times I thank ‘God’ that I have what I have. I never attend church, but I don’t think showing up means you faithfully believe in your religion. Many people show up because they think it’s the right thing to do, but they couldn’t tell you about Moses Ark, or was it Noah? Ask a regular church-goer, I bet you catch at least one off guard.


All of these stories are hundreds of years old. So my guess is it's repetitive to hand down these white lies to spring to life the imagination in children. But for some reason people still hang on to religion. They will accept that Santa Claus is not real but God is?
Feb 25, 2015
I agree they were lies. But they were cute lies that drives the imagination of children. I can see why they lied about that. I have no problems with that. Eventually kids grow up and they know better then to hang on to those lies.


I agree they were lies. But they were cute lies that drives the imagination of children. I can see why they lied about that. I have no problems with that. Eventually kids grow up and they know better then to hang on to those lies.
Totally agree with that. These stories somehow made you believe in something when you were just a child. These stories gave you dreams and aspirations in life.
Feb 26, 2015
Well since you have all stated your opinions as facts, I will state what I consider to be a fact, as my opinion. :D Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were lovely little myths that gave children something to grasp and believe in. Christianity is the real deal. All those other things were a sugary substitute.


They were lies but they're not bad, really. It's quite nice that children have those things to believe in before they know about the realities of this world and everything they know will just change drastically. So I'm all for saying those little lies if it's going to bring forth a child's creativity and imagination.


Yes, these are lies, but they are harmless lies. I mean what is the harm in teaching kids about these mythical characters. We were told that unless we were good kids Santa won't come for us, so we decided to behave ourselves. I guess the same appled to the Easter Bunny. We were told that losing a tooth wasn't so bad because the Tooth Fairy will come to put money under our pillow. So, kids won't afraid to lose a tooth because of that. These are minor lies that didn't do kids any real harm. Its like telling a kid fairy tales, they are true but hey it lets them keep their imagination and not having to deal with the harsh relatiy of life as it actually is for awhile, what's the harm in that.


Jul 29, 2014
I might get into hot water by saying this, but religion is nothing more than a cultural thing. Just like you have your local food, local music or local clothes, you have your local god. Every culture seems to think their god is the true god, and laugh and make fun of other gods. That's why you see most christians are very smart, rational and logical when it comes to other religions, but when it comes to their own, that's when their brain cells pack up and go on vacation. At the end of the day, it's pure conditioning, meaning we're not much smarter than Pavlov's dog.
May 21, 2015
Those sugary little lies actually filled a lot of my siblings and I's imaginations when we were kids. It also prompted us to behavior around Christmas and other occasions so we'll receive gifts from these myths. I had no problem with the lies, considering it helped make the world a little less fearful as a young child. It also gives children something fairy-tale like to look forward to.


I personally have no real issue with those "little" lies. Your post was clever, well written and humorous. But with the exception of some people making "trust issue" jokes regarding their parents and Santa, I don't think any adult is actually scarred, hurt, or otherwise worse off because they were made to believe that a fairy put a dollar under their pillow when a tooth fell out.

You believe in the stuff because it's part of being a kid (at least in this culture). Every culture has urban legends, myths, things that are passed down that the adults know aren't true but make the children happy. Being an adult sucks, guys. We have bills and problems and heartache and health issues and money problems and a myriad of other things that can make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. Let kids be kids. There is plenty of time for them to realize the harsh realities of the world. Let them believe in magic and fantasy for as long as they can.

Religion is a different thing, and as a devout atheist I'd never sit here and have good things to say about it.


Pardon me but Santa Claus had played a big role in my growing up. He gave me immeasurable delight because he symbolizes not only gifts but happiness during the season of vacation, good food and trips. That character of the fat man had taught me generosity which I am still practicing until now.
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