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News Would You Class Wwe As A Sport?

This is a debate that I see all too often. Is WWE a sport?

I personally feel in a way it is as well as being entertainment. They obviously don't hit each other as hard as they could do, if at all as it's for entertainment purposes but with their being activity and them being active in wrestling I would say that would class it as being a sport.

What are your thoughts? Would you say WWE is a sport or is it just entertainment?
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Jul 31, 2014
You can't really classify WWE as a sport because it has wrestling involved as its core. Wrestling itself is a sport. WWE tries to make it more enjoyable by putting fake stories behind the wrestlers, so WWE itself is entertainment. It just happens to involve wrestling in it.


I think it is a sport to some extent. It takes a certain amount of athleticism. But, I have to agree with acsapa it is more of a performance then anything else. Theater has plays. Chorus has Musicals. Wrestling has WWE.


You can't really classify WWE as a sport because it has wrestling involved as its core. Wrestling itself is a sport. WWE tries to make it more enjoyable by putting fake stories behind the wrestlers, so WWE itself is entertainment. It just happens to involve wrestling in it.
Since when has wrestling not been a sport exactly? Wrestling is, and always has been, a sport.


Since when has wrestling not been a sport exactly? Wrestling is, and always has been, a sport.
yea when we think of wrestling in high school and things like that its a sport. If you think about wwe with all the drama and stuff i dont.


The sport wrestling is vastly different from WWE, WWE, while it does incorporate wrestling moves, it also has people being slammed into the ground, thrown around, kicks, assault by chair. WWE is not wrestling, it's entertainment, and while the performers are extremely fit, as their job is very physically demanding, it is all rehearsed, it is all fake. I don't think it's really a sport, I mean, you wouldn't encourage you're kids to take WWE training on the weekends. "Hello Sally, what are you doing this afternoon?" "Oh, I'm taking little Tommy to his WWE training, he's got a big fight on saturday!".


Well, there is no denying that the WWE is entertainment. It also has scripted stuff that is done such as the rivalries. But make no mistake about it though the individuals in the WWE are trained stunt people. Which means that they are athletic in their own right. Just because the WWE is entertainment doesn't mean there isn't danger or training involved in it because there is. I once saw a program regrading what goes on behind the scenes of the WWE and take my word on it, the danger in some of the matches can be very real.




If anything, I would class wrestlers as really, really, really bad actors / actresses. I mean, a lot of people like to put MMA and t.v wrestling into the same boat, but it doesn't work that way.

You really don't have to take a second look at a wrestling match to tell just how fake it is. From fake falls to terribly fake shows of pain... It never ends. The womens' matches are even worse, I can't stomach them. I can't even laugh at them. The dramatic build-up isn't really, well, dramatic. It's painstaking, if that. They don't even really fight, they circle each other like sharks while people in the audience whistle at them.

You don't see basketball players making fake baskets, and you don't see hockey-players get fake teeth knocked out. You don't see MMA-fighters get fake black eyes, either. If you show me a soccer player that makes a fake kick, I'll show you a three dollar bill.

In all honesty, if you got whacked over the head with a chair, you'd pass out. You'd get a concussion. No matter how meaty you are, your skull obviously doesn't get thicker... And I'm sure that you can kill a man with a chair, so I'm sure that they're not actually made of metal.

A sport should only be a sport if it's legitimate - and wrestling obviously isn't. Isn't even entertaining, either.

But yeah! :rolleyes:


(This was all fun banter, don't take it the wrong way).
Feb 25, 2015
A sport has to deal with competition, as this type of wrestling isn't. It is a bad soap opera with bad acting. Everything is staged and the outcomes are predetermined. So it is not a sport, it is only entertainment.


There is no competition involved. It is rigged and the winner is already chosen before the match starts. It is not a sport but entertainment for thos that like drama and guys in tights.


That's a tricky one. Personally, I don't really care if people call it a sport or not but I guess, if I had to pick, I would call it a sport only because there is a lot of physical activity and wrestling involved. Even though the story lines are and winners are predetermined, there is still an element of wrestling to WWE.


The WWE is suppose to be professional wrestling. Though, they call themselves sports entertainment.

I would consider it a sport and for those that watch it. You can easily see how athletic these guys and girls are.


It is scripted but it takes a lot of training to be a good wrestler. Actually it is easier to be a boxer than a wrestler. Boxers only have 1 to 2 matches a year. Wrestlers are taking a bump 3 times a week. If you are a boxer you have to knock down your enemy while in wrestling, You and your enemy have to protect each other from making botches. They are more injury prone than boxers and they even die younger than boxers because the bumps and injuries they get actually takes toll on them. It is a sport but not a combat sport. It is a routine sport. To have a perfect wrestling match, You have to showcase your athleticism and entertain the audience. I can compare wrestling to gymnastics or figure skating because you have to showcase your skills through routines.


I think that WWE is more of a performance than anything else. It is certainly based on sport and looks like sport but it lacks that true element of gamesmanship due to the fact it's all staged. Maybe it's a performing art?


I would say no simply because (I'm probably going to make some people angry here) it's mostly staged. Sure, Wrestling itself is a sport, but WWE is more about the scripted stories than about the actual sport itself. Not to mention it barely looks like the classic sport of wrestling....


Eh...no. Not really. It's in it's own category. Athleticism is required, sure, but sports usually have a competition component to them. E-Sports are in their own category because there's no physical effort required. We need something special for WWE as well.


I used to like wrestling when I was a girl because it is amusing to see big men being thrown around with their weight, hahahaaa. But when I grew up and got to learn that those fights were doctored or scripted, I lost interest. As for being considered sports, I would say yes because WWE involves an athlete and not just anyone can be a fighter.


Well I'd say it's sport. There is more muscle activity than in golf, and that is a sport :D
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