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News Which one should be banned?

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After reading about a PA eye doctor who was raided and charged with growing the green for his patients, I thought about how stupid it is that marijuana is not legal, yet alcohol is more destructive and still legal.

Let's point out the fact that alcohol is way worse for any human body and has literally no benefits. Alcohol doesn't do anything nice for you.

Certain strands of marijuana have been scientifically proven to have very helpful medical benefits, one such example is a girl with epilepsy who was given the strand that doesn't get you high. She was suffering strokes many times per week and now she only strokes once in a while.

Alcohol hurts your body and makes people do things they wouldn't normally do. People get drunk and commit crimes, grow beer muscles, and do things to get themselves in trouble.

What does weed do? Nothing. You sit around, laugh, and maybe get the munchies. When was the last time someone tried to fight you because they were high? What about robbing a bank or committing other crimes? It just doesn't happen. The occasional marijuana smoker doesn't do any of that.

Other countries realized it. Colorado figured it out and gained $40 million in revenue to spend on their people.

So what should we really ban? Marijuana or Alcohol?

jose luis

Alcohol should be banned because it makes the person slow and distorts your view.It's more harmful than Mary Jane.
Mar 15, 2015
People are misunderstanding the medical benefits and uses of marijuana. There are very few medical benefits from smoking it, aside from pain relief and relaxation. Most of the medical benefits, regardless of whether it's medical marijuana or whether it's from off the streets, come from using it or consuming it (or extracts of it) in other ways. Generally, smoking it is bad for you and is not harmless. Once burned, the chemical composition changes and medicinal benefits are no longer present. I do, however, agree that alcohol is much worse. People are not in control and don't think clearly about what they're doing when under the influence of alcohol and it's generally much more dangerous.


I voted alcohol not that it will ever be banned, but I agree with the OP. Marijuana if used in a certain form has medical benefits. Having done some research on medical Marijuana I am actually amazed at the amount of medical conditions including chronic pain that it can actually help So, for me Marijuana has a purpose, but alcohol really has no other purpose but recreational use.


This is a good topic for ranting. I am not a weed smoker and I never had tasted weed but I am an open minded person who is observant of what's around me. From what I know, marijuana has more good effects than alcohol and only a few weed smoker experienced that so called bad tripping as to cause violence while violent drunks are common here.


I don't think either should be banned. I agree though, smoking it isn't harmless as everyone says, but I think it should be the least of everyone's worries right now. It's up to a person what they want to do with their body. I would love to see fake food taken off the shelf because it's killing so many people, but in the end, it's up to them how they die. Same with drugs, same with alcohol etc. What needs to happen is major education when it comes to things that harm and that's where everyone is lacking. You can only give people the tools to survive.. you can't hold their hands through it and take away their toys when they aren't cooperating. And you can't mess with a big money maker for the government lol.. they need to keep their greedy little paws on it as much as possible. A plant! Ridiculous.


Yea, I'd ban alcohol. Well, actually, if I could, I'd ban excess. But even in excess, weed just puts you to sleep. Alcohol puts you in a coma.


I'd definitely reverse things and make alcohol the illegal substance. In my opinion, alcohol causes far more social problems than marijuana ever did.
Mar 15, 2015
There's no doubt whatsoever that alcohol causes a lot more social problems than marijuana. When people high on weed walk down the street, they usually act and look normal and you don't know they're high. It doesn't make them unaware of what they're doing or cause them to stumble down the street all over the place shouting and acting violently and generally not being in control. People high on weed are in control. Alcohol also costs the health service in the UK an awful lot of money and there are many more hospitalizations from using alcohol than there are from using marijuana, the same with crime.
Feb 25, 2015
Alcohol should be banned. No doubt about that. That is by far the most destructive substance on earth. How many lives have been altered and lost because alcohol was involved? Too many to count. Weed hasn't killed anyone before. But for some reason alcohol is legal. It's all about the money that it generates from taxation.


I would say, marijuana should be banned. Here in my country, smoking weed is never legal, and you could get jailed if it has been proven that you do smoke weed. Alcohol is much accepted here.


For sure alcohol should be banned, but that won't happen any time soon. It is a, big and profitable business. If it is banned, all the bars and restaurants would be starving, people will be out of jobs. Banning alcohol will also affect supermarkets, and so many other stores; and the result will be devastated.


I'd say "none" but since we have to choose I'll go with alcohol as well.

It's certainly more dangerous than marijuana and as the OP mentioned, it is far more likely to cause people to get more violent and do something risky.

Those who smoke marijuana are more likely to just chill and are probably very unmotivated to even move. Unless they get the munchies. :p
May 21, 2015
Alcohol is definitely horrible for people to use. People drive drunk, choke on their own vomit, and can get alcohol poisoning. Although I don't care much for marijuana, it has helpful side effects for seizure patents and other patents. It has more potential than any other medical procedure out there. Alcohol does nothing but harmful effects to the body and allows predators to take advantage of their victims easier.

Danielle Davidson

You know that's hard to say. The thing is that so many people abuse alcohol, but how many will do the same with drugs? I'm sure that people will still abuse drugs the same way because they can get away with it. Plus, people would still get high and then drive which still isn't safe. I mean I think that both of them should be for the most part. I do get why people think they shouldn't be though.
Jul 31, 2014
Definitely alcohol. Marijuana has some medical benefits and even cancer patients use it to relieve their pain and stimulate their appetite. Alcohol doesn't really do anything excerpt make it harder to drive and harder to fight off a rapist.


I say neither. The reason being is for one, I don't do either, so I really don't care. Two, I believe that it is your own body and you should be able to do whatever you decide to with it.


It is a proven fact that Cannabis Sativum has many medical uses and benefits. So does beer and wine, if taken in small doses. Which one should be banned? Not banned, but controlled is a better word for it. Both should be in that bucket.


I would also say neither. If used responsibly both of them are not harmful. The problems come from over consumption and use. People who are responsible should be punished for the abuse of others. I see no problem with neither of them being ban. I do drink but I have never smoked weed and probably wouldn't even if it was legal.
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