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Entertainment Two And A Half Men

Two and a Half Men has got to be one of my top comedy shows by far. I did not think that it would work after Charlie Sheen left and was replaced by Ashton Kutcher but I was surprised how he came into the show and really made it work. I think the way they brought him into it as well worked really well.

Does anyone here watch Two and a Half Men? What did you think about Ashton Kutcher coming into it?

I have heard that the next Season will be the final one which is a shame.


The final season is this season and I'm not all that sad about it. It wasn't the same without Charlie so I'm not surprised to see it end after Jake T. Austin and all the changes
Jul 31, 2014
I haven't really been watching the Aston Kutcher season all that much. It's not really "Two and a Half Men" anymore. It was funnier when Charlie Sheen was on.


I was never a regular watcher of Two and a Half Men. I have seen some episodes with Charlie Sheen and I have seen a couple with Ashton Kutcher. I have to say that I think they did a decent job in the recast Kutcher wasn't bad in his role. I also think they did a good job in explaining why his character was needed to move in. Yes, the show wasn't the same but that was bound to happen with a new actor and character on the show.

I do wish though that they could of talked Charlie Sheen into appearing in the final episode, but Sheen didn't like what they had in mind so refused to appear, too bad I think it would of been great for the original cast to be together once more for the final episode of the show.


Two and a Half Men is one of my all time favorite comedies show! I think both men worked well, and each one of them has their own personalities and characters that totally different from one another. We need more shows like this, not Bachelor, not Bacheloress, not Kim Kardasian!!!


I am not really a fan of Two and a Half Men but I heard it was great. Ashton Kutcher is a pretty good actor, but no one can ever replace Charlie Sheen though.

Anyway, personally, I am more of a Game of Thrones fan. And the show also have its own "two and a half men". :):D

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