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News Total Pro Sports Sucks

The website TotalProSports has reached an epic level of annoying suckness that I can't surf the web for five minutes without seeing their poorly worded site with their spam ads and barely navigable site providing the absolute worst user experience in history. It's like their banging the dude who runs Direct Tv and their grade D customer service has grown onto the webmaster morons at TotalProSports.

The short version - TotalProSports website hides content under a plethora of adverts, offers nothing worth seeing, and probably makes your computer run slow while loading mass amounts of useless items at once.

Are the webmasters at TPS stupid or ignorant? Do they know that if they want to appeal to a sports crowd and get higher quality visitors, then maybe go easy on mass spam advertising the babes? Not only that, but I am pretty sure a group of homosexuals run TPS because the babe galleries are borderline average, most of which don't even represent the appeal you find in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and their galleries are slide shows. Rule # 1 of the Internets - don't ever use a slide show...EVER. Remember the last time you were at a meeting and a bottom dwelling hag showed you a power point presentation with 900 slides and 9,000,000 animations and her finger had a stroke before the third slide? That's what I think of when I see a website using a slide show to portray a gallery. I hate it and I think it means TPS owners have a tiny penis and a brain that can't comprehend the obvious. People who use slide shows on websites provide a TERRIBLE user experience while manipulating their Google Analytic statistics to make it seem like "wow, I have so many f-cking page views that Google HAS to rank me." The reality is that you're also getting a LOT of people clicking off very fast or skipping the content because no one ever likes a slide show filled with little pictures that wouldn't have been cool before HD.

Does TotalProSports use the slideshow because it makes content barely noticeable? I viewed image properties on the FIRST image of one of their galleries, and the image that's supposed to get your attention only takes up a mere 480x321? Really? You know it's 2014 and people sit 12 inches in front of 30 inch monitors, right? We have big screens and high resolutions, but you're providing a standard hoodrat definition. What's wrong, you scared to have good content?

But wait, there's more - viewers have to scroll below the fold just to see your shitty shlide show because you have a massive advert under the navigation that spans the entire f-cking length of my 27 inch laptop, and also cheap ass loser bar on the bottom like you're dressing up as Facebook for Halloween. Add a Good Year tires leader board frozen on the bottom of the loser bar and the amount of content presented on your pages is about 8% vs 92% bullshit. The tire ad is as relevant as a Jewish foot doctor selling ass cream for a circumcision.

In the 20 years I've spent on the net, I don't think I ever got as annoyed by a website before. I've seen a lot of sites advertise everywhere and it didn't annoy me. I've seen really bad sites that haven't pushed my buttons.

But when you advertise a really bad website, like Total Pro Sports, people start getting annoyed and begin disliking you.

Good job to the Total Pro Sports dudes on having the worst delivery of low quality content paired with the most annoying ad campaigns on every other site we like.

I do not like you.

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