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News Stupid questions people ask at the library

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I love my job at the library, except for the less than minimum wage part.

What I do at the library is crucial to the existence of every students studies, and even registration process – when people return books, I’m the one who makes sure the book is removed from the students records, because if it isn’t, registration for next semesters classes will be blocked! But that’s not the fun part. The fun begins when interacting with people who ask stupid questions. And, yes, stupid questions do exist.

While stationed at the circulation desk, I’ve been asked the following and have replied appropriately:

“Where are the books?”
Sorry, our library doesn’t have books.

“Is there a snack bar or food machines in here?”
There's a “No food permitted” sign by the front door.

“Can I use my driver’s license to take out books?”
Can you use your library card to drive?

“How do I use the Internet?”
Haven’t you ever searched for boobs before? C’mon, what do you think we have the Internet for?

“Do I need to pay to take out books?”

Yes, and all funds go straight to our beach house.

“What time is the cafeteria opened till?
I don’t know. This is the library. We close at midnight.

“How do I print off the computer?”
The computer doesn’t print. Try using the printer.

“How do I make copies?”
It's broken. (because I can't take someone serious if they're in college and can't figure that out.)

“Where’s the bathroom?”
In the elevator, just don’t get caught. (as there's literally a bathroom down every hall)

“I’m a junior and I’ve never taken out books before…”
Are you really a junior?

“I need something on reserve, but I don’t know my teachers name or class, and I don’t know the name of the reserve – can you help me?”
So it’s almost half way through the semester and you don’t know your professors name?

One of the stupidest things people do is this - there's two computers at the front desk to check out books and they're seven feet apart from each other. When I'm working alone, people always go to the OTHER DESK WITH NO ONE AT IT.

So I let them stand there for as long as possible and ignore them. Clearly I WORK HERE, and there's NO ONE AT THAT DESK OR COMPUTER TO CHECK YOU OUT. It cracks me up when they give me the dirty look because I didn't tell them. Hey, they're the idiot for going to the check out line with no cashier.

Other times I’ll ask people what they want to do with the books they’ve placed on the counter (returning or taking it), and they expect me to read their mind. How do I know if someone is taking out or returning books unless they say so? They literally put the books on the counter and stare. Ok, going out or coming in? What is it? And once in a while you get the twit who breathes heavy. How the heck do I know. This is a library, not a Walmart.

Some of the people who get in college are literally the dumbest people I've ever experienced.
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May 21, 2015
It's so great when people aren't born with any source of common sense. You would expect more out of people with an advanced culture, but apparently not. I worked on campus as a university aid. My job was to help with remedial math students in the classrooms and man, that was not an easy job... Who knew explaining basic math was so hard?


Haha.."where are the books?" topped the cake for me! You have to keep in mind that some people have never gone to the library before at all :)


There were a few, specifically the first and last ones, that made me really wonder how they got accepted into college in the first place. The rest, although quite silly, just show lack of common sense and understanding about how the world works. In my experience, it's usually best to reply to them with at least a little bit of kindness. You'd be surprised what that does for someone. To you and me it seems like common knowledge...how do you NOT know how to print, right? But I'm sure there are things they know about stuff that you don't know. Or maybe there isn't, but in any case, responding snarky and sarcastic is only funny when you read about it, and even then only sometimes. There is a fine line between being snarky and being just plain rude.


I have worked in two libraries in the past so I do know that sometimes people can ask silly questions. I never encountered is there a snack bar or a cafeteria though, fortunately. I did encounter the can I use my driver's license or ID to check out books. I guess that one is timeless in its own way. Then I encounter people getting mad at me because one of the copiers jammed up as if I was running the copier or something. Anyway, I know that working in a library can lead to meeting some interesting people.


Hahaha. Those are really silly questions but hey, probably, they are just too innocent and naive. Anyway, when I was in college, our University library is my favorite place in the entire campus, and I had this fantasy of actually working as a librarian.


So, it's tough to be a librarian eh? When I was a student, I didn't have that much problem because the librarian was friendly and had become my friend. We sometimes chat in whispers. What I remember from her experience is the high school kids borrowing biology books just to look at the genitals in the pictures, real photo, hahahaaa.


Haha, people always have the strangest questions in every situation. But really, even if people have the most obvious questions, they still need to be answered politely because that's part of the job! It's really annoying but people are always like that, asking immediately without finding out first for themselves. I guess it's a matter of patience.
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