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News Septa Drug Mom

Woah nelly! Either you had a REALLY bad day or you're just another Philly crackhead.

What were you thinking? Couldn't you drop your kid off before you zombified? I saw your face and zombies on The Walking Dead look better than you did.

Did you forget your kid was sitting 2 feet from you? You're a mean Mom! I bet you tell your kid to go to bed by 6pm because you hate her! WELL NOW SHE IS GONE! DHS GOT THE KID!

I was a bad brother one time when I was playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live. I told my kid sister that she was playing too, but no she wasn't She wasn't even logged in. But she was happy. I don't even think the controller was plugged in, but a 4 year old can't tell the difference.

Doing drugs on the Septa bus with your kid is straight up stupid! I know there's a LOT of stupid parents out there, everyone knows that. Doing drugs on the Septa bus with your kid is just as bad as sending kids to charter schools (money scams) and catholic schools (molesters).

Gotta give a shout out to the Facebook page PEOPLE OF SEPTA! They're doing an awesome job documenting reality.

Thanks and keep it up guys!!
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