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Rogan calls Seattle wild and war zone, 'like a Third World country about to implode'

Podcast host Joe Rogan slams the city of Seattle, saying it's a wild place, a war zone, and "like a third world country about to implode."

Rogan appears to blame the Antifa or other groups for the city turning to garbage. Rogan then says Portland is worse. These are his views on both cities, but many people might share the same opinion after what we've seen over the last few years.

WATCH Joe Rogan say it on video (language warning):

Here's the quote:
Dude, Seattle’s a f**king war zone... Seattle is a war zone. It is so wild there now. It’s literally like a Third World country about to implode. I used to go there years ago and it was gorgeous. You’d see like a few homeless people every now and then, but it was like all tech money and everything. Now, like, every time you turn on the news, after they f**king took over that six-block — like the Antifa people took over that six-block area in downtown Seattle and the mayor called it the ‘summer of love’ and everybody’s like, ‘What is this b**ch saying? What are you talking about? You just got f**king Antifa took over your town! You’ve got literal, like, militants controlling the streets like warlords.

They were beating people up that took photographs and videos; they had their own police; they had their own authoritarian control system... Somebody got shot there and then eventually the whole thing imploded and the police recaptured it, but it was like, what is happening to Seattle? And Portland’s even worse. You gotta get sunlight, kids. Something about that Pacific Northwest.
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