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News RIAA and why I've hated Metallica for 20 years

I always wonder why the music industry dislikes peer-to-peer file sharing and bootlegging. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) fights to close websites/applications that promote the modern trading of MP3s. Don’t you think file sharing and bootlegging will assist musicians in promotion and increase their development of an appreciative fan base?
Bootlegging has been around for ages. Recordable cassettes are what everyone used to trade music until the Mp3 was formally introduced in 1992 by the Industry Standards Organization (ISO).

The modern means of file sharing may be more expensive, but most definitely better because you can be a fat lazy American and download all the MP3s you desire, all while you eat a cheeseburger and drink a diet soda.

Experts say that CD sales have been low, and I don’t think it’s due to file sharing. I think its because most new music is terrible. For example, new rap music is horrible, bands selling out like Limp Bizkit, musical junk by Creed, and the played out and predictable trance/club covers of 80’s music. Ja Rule and J Lo are the worst of it. All Ja Rule does is say “Yeaaaaaah” in his scratchy cheese-grated voice, while trunk-of-funk J-Lo wobbles her intrusive rear and occasionally sings. She was much better before she met up with the wrong crowd. Rap music stopped being cool when Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace passed away.

If record labels didn’t pay radio stations so much to play audible trash, then how else would people find out about Ja Rule and J Lo? File trading. And because of file trading, Ja Rule would have new mindless groupies. J Lo would have more borderline-stupid people gasping at the two basketballs in her pants that are most commonly referred to as her buttocks.

File sharing is what helps bring the audience closer to the musicians. Even if CD sales are low, what about concert sales? I haven’t purchased a CD in at least half a decade, but if I have a burned CD, or downloaded MP3s of a band I like, and I find out they’re coming to town near me – you better believe I’ll see that show.

If the RIAA had any brains, they would develop an Internet browser used primarily for trading files of artists who permit free downloads, develop an RIAA MP3 player, develop a brand of RIAA blank CDrs, and maybe that would make up for lost CD sales.

I think the RIAA is all about money, and they exist because jerk artists cry about people sharing the music they enjoy. Any musician who becomes angry over people sharing enjoyable music is not worth listening to anyway. If an artist/s cares only about money, then they’re in the music business for the wrong reason. Sure it’s a job, but when you selling platinum and you crying like a fat kid who dropped his triple scoop ice cream cone – you need to be put in your place, and your ‘fans’ need to become fans of an artist/s who is down to Earth and appreciative of fans.

This is why I've hated Metallica for 20 years. They cried about Napster. Metallica has awful music anyway, which means I dislike them for two reasons.
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