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News Pollen, guns, and Hillary Clintons cringe

pollen bee.jpg

Spring is possibly the worst season of all. The plants are all like "omg it's the sun" and the people are like "omg its the sun" and all at once the annoying allergens and annoying people come out at the same time and you wake up every morning wanting to shoot someone, blow your nose, and take 75 antihistamine pills. Except there's problems. You can't shoot people. You can only take one antihistamine pill per day. And you blow your nose with paper towels because tissues can't handle it and now your nose is red.

So you're walking around town in the annoying spring weather like "omg the sun is out" and you look like freaking Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Good grief Charlie Brown, enough of this allergy season already.

We decided to spend time outside in the "omg its the sun" weather and as soon as I get outside, I've got 42 hives crawling out of my armpit. My fiance insists I got bit by a flea. Which is fine, because the flea will flea, fly, flue away. But the allergens? They're flying around all invisible like "look there's a nostril, let's fly up there and ruin someones day!"

That's my rant for the day.

Did you see the shootout in a Philly hotel? One guy flips over and runs in the same movement. Another guy traipses down a flight of stairs without spilling any of the three large drinks in his container. Then there's an Xbox / movie style shootout around the corner. The video was full of delights.

Later in the week we get to see someone throw a shoe at Hillary Clinton. She cringes and looks like a creepy old witch. Which is funny, because most people think she's exactly that.

Let's see what we've discovered this week on the wonderful Internet:

Pictures of people with hives.
Pictures of the worlds ugliest dog.
Pictures of funny homeless signs.
Pictures of people who tip over smart cars.
Video of an optical illusion using words most people can't pronounce.
Video of a barely dressed lady destroying McDonalds.
Video of someone throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton.
Video of a hilarious shootout in Northeast Philly hotel.
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