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News Politicians are vandals.

Politicians are behind the rectangular eyesores you see damn near everywhere during elections. This political graffiti, administered in forms of signs bearing last names and positions, is a disgraceful waste of filthy money. Hell, the money politician’s waste could be used for something constructive, like executing "Carrot Top," or hiring a Obama to pick out who builds a six million dollar website that doesn't work.

Political propaganda is visually distracting to delightful environments. What if I knock down a political sign, can I report the politician for littering? What if I collect all the signs from the particular candidate I don’t approve of, then after elections put them all back up…like a month later when there are NO elections for anything? I think that would be hilarious. Maybe I could even schedule voting times at random locations…like the YMCA.

Besides littering the environment with painstaking reminders of last names, politicians have sunk pathetically low and hired a telemarketing derps to record a recording.

As an irritated citizen, I can’t even curse at this telemarketer, or do what I do to almost every numbskull phone solicitor – ask what kind of panties they’re wearing, then suggest that they pull them over their own face and suffocate in their toilety job. I wouldn’t be so aggravated if I didn’t receive his solicitation NUMEROUS TIMES. I feel violated. I feel spammed and I’m not buying.

The one thing that baffles me about posting name-tags, symbols and signs everywhere is the fact that I cannot do it without possibly facing legal procedures. Well what if I took my name or symbol down after a few weeks? Or what if I drew giant genitalia (self portrait, haha psyche) all over the place? Or placed "Crankers.com stickers on your front yard, along every minutely traveled road, and called you to tell you "I’m a giant ball bag and here is my website?" Would you be happy?
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