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Entertainment Nyong's Dress Isn't Real, Yeah And..........

I don't know how many of you have heard the saga of Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong's Oscar dress from this year. Last years winner for Best Supporting Actress rocked the red carpet this year wearing a gorgeous white pearl incrested gown, you can see this dress online, its absolutely stunning, which was designed by Calvin Klein. The dress was stolen from her hotel room two days after the Oscar's.

Then the story gets even more weird, the dress was found in another hotel room at the exact same hotel, after a tip being given to the tabloid celebrity program TMZ. Aparently whomever stole the dress took a few of the pearls from it to have them analyzed and found out that they were fake. My feeling on this well Duh, the dress was only valued at 150,000 dollars. That may seem like a whole lot but this dress had 6000 pearls hand sewn onto it. If these pearls had been real the dress would of been valued a whole lot more. Now TMZ is claiming that Calvin Klein has said that the dress was actually worth a six figure price. But so far from what I have seen TMZ are the only ones who are claiming this, none of the news programs I watched have said this all they have said is that dress was worth a 150,000 dollars that's all. The amount of man hours to create it along with it being coutoure could account for that price.

So who stole the dress, we may never know. Calvin Klen who apparently still owns the dress isn't pressing charges and is just glad to have the dress recovered. But of course this has TMZ thinking they are trying to cover up their own duplicity in the fact that the dress isn't real. Seriously, TMZ needs to just lets this go already.
Feb 26, 2015
Well TMZ is being awfully petty in this! How could a dress that cost 150,000 dollars be dripping with real pearls? How is this TMZ's business anyway? Also, who really cares?


The dress was found and not worth much so it was returned. I love Lupita but this was a major fail on her part, her stylist and Calvin Klein. I love how they immediately blamed Lupita's stylist for providing misleading information on the cost of the dress.


I have seen this in the news about two days ago. And yes, this made me laugh. The culprit returned the dress and claimed that it is fake. LMFAO.


Something is fishy with the Calvin Klein's claim there! If the dress is missing a few "REAL PEARL", he would have sued the insurance company or the hotel for those missing pearls.


I knew from the beginning the dress wasn't real. I don't know who even leaked it out that the dress was real. Was it Calvin Klein if so that was news to me, because I watched the news while the dress was missing and there was no mention of anyone stating the dress was worth millions only that the dress was worth $150.000 that was all. Also, I am sure if the dress had been worth that much it would of been well insured in case of loss or damage. Anyway, for me the dress cost had to do with the amount of labor that went into creating it, more so then the pearls themselves, so I don't know why anyone thought otherwise.
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