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November Jobs Report a 'huge miss' - only added 210,000 jobs

Rick Santelli of CNBC refers to parts of the November jobs report as a 'huge miss.' The video clip isn't that long, so we don't have his full context, just the small parts that he refers to as a miss.

However, there was only 210,000 jobs added and major media outlets on the right and left are both calling it a bust.

WATCH Santelli say it:

NPR reported on the shortcomings. They stated: "Hiring slowed dramatically last month as COVID-19 cases rose, even before the arrival of a new and and even more worrisome coronavirus variant, which could put another speed bump on the road to labor market recovery. Employers added just 210,000 jobs in November, according to a monthly snapshot from the Labor Department. Job growth appeared to lose momentum after stronger hiring in September and October. Hiring figures for those months were revised upwards."
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