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News My friend sent this to his "boss"

Your recent move of me from (insert job you were hired for here) to selling “back up stores” has created a damper on my income. I now have to sign up 16 times as many people to make the same money I was before; you gave me the opposite of a raise and that is very unethical and unfair.

To make this new selling plan fair to me, I would need either a raise of weekly income or a sufficient raise in commission.

When you hired me, you promised that within the first year my income would reach $70,000.00. Over the past four months my income has not exceeded that of a yearly average of $20,800. I feel that you lied to me and are not holding up your offer.

You have pushed me to live in Santa Monica so that I can work more hours at your company. You’ve also threatened to fire me if I did not move. You knew well before I was hired that I had just relocated from the East Coast and could not afford to live in said area, yet I could be at work on time, for the hours previously agreed upon. You’ve also lowered my salary and your promises of $70,000.00 are now appearing extremely far fetched and mythical, thus proving that working for you does not provide enough money to simply move and live closer to your office, which is actually an apartment building that you live in and illegally operate a business from.

You have instructed me to “call my parents and ask them for money.” I have informed you many times, that I am not going to take that step because they are not responsible for me. I moved to LA once you hired me and sure enough, you haven’t held up your end of our interviews. I clearly informed you pre-hire that I lived downtown and could not arrive until at least 8:00am and had to part at no later than 4:00pm, which is an official eight hour day. On the other hand, you expect me to stay much later and work extra hours for free, and you do not offer overtime.

I informed you that I would take a job at ****** for just over half the pay you were offering, but you promised me a minimum of $70,000, therefore I chose your offer, only to have not been paid for any monthly revenue commission since I started working for you. I was hired as only a sales manager, but now have been moved to technical support, sales, web design, freelance position coordinator, and programmer all at the same pay, which is $10.00 an hour. Each of said positions should obviously earn varying incomes. Moreover, if I’m doing all the work your other employees are supposed to do, how am I supposed to earn sales commission? And, why aren’t you paying me for the additional work I do, yet wasn’t hired for?

I was promised a minimum of $70,000 within the first year from you, which was a complete lie. Soon after being hired by you, the level of income drastically changed. When asked, you quoted me an estimate of a yearly income broken down into monthly salaries, which as of now have not reached even a miniscule 20% of what was promised. You offered me a position as “Sales Manager” at the first year salary of $70,000. Now, I am basically doing every position within the company, working a 40 hour week at the rate of $400 a week. I have clocked each and every phone call made and received to customers, time spent working on websites outside of work, and time spent during so-called “meetings” with you and your technical assistant.

I am requesting that the solution of my base salary equals at least $25.00 per hour, plus 20% of monthly commissions on ALL referred clients. If you decide to terminate me from this position, I will have no choice to file a complaint of unlawful termination from a corporation/LLC.
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