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Most embarrassing day in the history of our country: Trump scolds Joe Biden on Afghanistan withdrawal


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Dec 22, 2013
Former President Donald Trump scolded Joe Biden on his withdrawal from Afghanistan that results in 13 American deaths and many, many injuries after an attack took place.

Many Democrats suggested the withdrawal was a success, with at least one official, Jake Sullivan, calling the withdrawal safe and effective.

Many Americans were in disagreement with anyone who thought it was done correctly, with some like myself saying the whole thing was done backwards. For example, Biden should have evacuated the civilians and translators who helped Americans first, then equipment, then finally bring home the rest of the troops. Trump had a plan to bring them home too, but he claims it was a different plan.

April 14 — Saying it is “time to end the forever war,” Biden announces that all troops will be removed from Afghanistan by Sept. 11. (full timeline)

Shouldn't the civilians have been sent home first? Doesn't that make more sense to anyone else?

WATCH TRUMP skewer Biden over the 'failed' withdrawal:

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