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News Macklemore Is Dumb . Here's Why.

Macklemore recently poorly performed his crappy Thrift Shop song dressed as a Jewish person with a big beard, floppy black wig, and large nose.

Then Jewish people whined and cried.
Have you not seen anything EVER on TV or movies that mocks stereotypes? We can make fun of black people for not having jobs or Dads, white people for not being able to dance or jump high, red heads for being straight up ugly, but the moment someone talks about the Jews being cheap, you all get upset? SHUT UP!!!!

Everyone wants freedom of speech, and that includes freedom to make fun of ALL stereotypes EQUALLY.

Jewish people think this was a big deal. It's not. It's a stereotype that gets mocked a lot, much like how everyone pokes fun at Caucasians for their inability to dance.

People need to lighten up, stop apologizing, start laughing more, and GET OVER IT!

macklemore sucks jewish penis (2).jpg
macklemore sucks jewish penis (3).jpg
macklemore sucks jewish penis (4).jpg
macklemore sucks jewish penis (1).png
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