Entertainment Kelly Osbourne And Zendaya Are Idiots!

First of all, Giuliana Rancic is on a show that MAKES FUN Of CELEBRITIES, so she was just doing her job.

Second, she made a comment that revolved around smelly hippies and their dirty hair - not racism. Black people don't have smelly hair - hippies do because hippy dreads have to get a lil dirty in order to stick.

Last, Kelly Osbourne is an embarrassment to her Dad. She's a purple headed and uneducated, talentless hack who does not belong on tv. The show should be making fun of her. Zendaya is just young and dumb and doing whatever people tell her to do. She does have ugly hair, and she should've known that if you get on that show, that's just how it goes. But for her to accept an apology shows she is a brainwashed dummy. Too young to know any better, otherwise she would've laughed and said: "no apology needed!"
Feb 26, 2015
I agree. She was just doing her job. I am tired of people looking for and "finding" racism under rocks! Things get out of hand quickly when anything like this happens. " ...She's a purple headed and uneducated, talentless hack who does not belong on tv. The show should be making fun of her." Well said! Thanks for the laugh!


Wait this was all the Guliiana controversay was all about. Seriously I didn't know the whole story all I knew was the Guliiana said something that people were finding racist online. My feeling is pretty much what the OP said this is open to interpretation and I kind of agree with Guliiana that Zandaya's hair looked horrible. Also, come on do any us think that if the late Joan Rivers were still here on the Fashion Police and have made this comment it would of been taken this seriously. Odds are no it wouldn't have because we all expected outrageous things to come out of Joan's mouth because that was Joan, and well love her or hate her that was who she was. As for Kelly Osbourne I think she is carrying this too far, but then I think she hasn't been happy on Fashion Police since Joan's death so maybe its for the best that she did leave the show.
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