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Entertainment Justin Bieber deposition full video

Dear Justin Bieber,
I know you're not reading this because it would be too cool to read something that's addressed to you. You crave attention because even though you get tons of attention, you don't like the kind you're getting. You have all the attention in the world, but it's not the kind you want. You think being a teen pop star with billions of weenie bopper fans is lame and you want to be a tough guy.

But...you can't. You're not. You don't fit the tough guy mold. You're a dorky, cheesy, sing-song millionaire.
But you hate it.

So you want to shed your image and grow a new one and you hang with losers while people question your judgement. You tattoo yourself with bad ink to make yourself look cool, but you're a millionaire - you could've gotten nicer tattoos that mean something; or none at all. Tattoos aren't a bad thing, but you're insulting tattoos. YOU make tattoos look bad!

Then you get arrested like the members of the Cincinnati Bengals, like you're some sort of thug. You don't even hang out with real thugs. You don't have celebrity friends. You lost Selena Gomez.

You used to be cool, nice, and likeable with nifty catchy songs. Now you're annoying, a douche, and despicable skinbag making Canada look bad. It's so bad that American's tried to have you deported with an official petition at the White House.

You could've been like Justin Timberlake - an extremely talented, well liked, career musician with awesome fans - but you're like Keven Federline - a white trash loser.

Your likeable image is already gone. Soon your money will be too.

Then what else do you have left? Rehab with Lindsay Lohan?
Dear Readers,
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