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News I need a cactus thanks to Windows 8

swing a cactus.jpg

Ever get an error on your computer that you can't fix? No matter how many variations of fixes you've tried on various help forums and your 20 years of computer expertise - there's always that one error that you can't fix.

This week its a Windows 8 error that won't permit me to install updates. The best fix is a system refresh, but that doesn't work. Then a system restore, but there's no restore points. Then the last option is kicking back to the default day one options. NO FREAKING WAY. NO THANKS!

I think it's fixed. But I don't know, so I backed up files on an external hard drive and I'll find out when I find out. But it's made me really mad. So mad that I want a room full of cactus to swing at things.

And I want a cheeseburger. Or some meatballs. Anything but pink slime chicken nuggets like the ones the crazy white trash witch lady wants.

Meet the wacky lunatic witcher lady who goes crazy for chicken nuggets. She screams, yells, breaks windows, and attacks the register man. Even the manager chimes in as they slam the door shut on her hands and call the police.

If you're that hungry, but can't get your nuggets because it's not lunch time yet, then why don't you sit on the train and eat your own foot skin? Imagine this video in HD! Wow. Pick away at the foot and nibble your dry skin. Disgusting. Thanks for ruining the dinner I was about to cook my fiance.

Eating foot skin makes my stomach turn, kinda like the Superman with a GoPro camera. Watch him pretend to fly through a city and imagine yourself doing it. Go ahead. Put your arms up.

Where was Superman when these fights were happening? Here's a Mom who front kicks a guy in the head as her son gets choked out. the Mom saves kid from a chokeout! And where was Superman when truck sized lady was starting a fight with the van sized man and he slapped her into a tree as he asked such grammatically correct questions such as "what the problem is tho" ? Annnnd where was Superman when a Septa cop was attacked in Philly?

Speaking of police - the cops in Delaware are searching for a couple caught having naughty time behind a dumpster of a Grotto pizza place. A pizza place that's really not that good. It's like one step above Dominos, but nothing special.

It's been a rough week for the Internet, but a rougher day for this Asus computer. My Sony VAIO didn't have these problems.

My goal tonight is to watch Walking Dead suck and possibly catch up on Bates Motel - a much better show than Walking Dead.

I don't want to make lunch for work tomorrow.
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