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News High Waisted Shorts Are Not Attractive

high waisted shorts twerk.JPG
high waisted shorts.JPG
So three women walk into a bar...literally...in high waisted shorts. And this is really how the night ensued. I wish it had a punchline.

We went to the Starboard in Dewey Beach last night, enjoying some refreshing Bud Lites, and in walks three way over the limit drunk, obnoxious, ladies wearing matching high waisted shorts so ugly that a mirror broke in every beach bathroom each time they looked at it.

Our first thought was "yup, they went to Jam" - but it was Sunday; Jam's on Saturday.

The ladies began a 3 person twerkfest of embarrassment. It was bad. It wasn't even twerk music. Just some chill songs by an acoustic couple having a chill time.

But not for the ladies. They wanna twerk. The guys they were with seemed pretty awkward...like there's this lady twerking on me, what do I do? And how unlucky are we that we attract the only ladies in ugly high waisted shorts?

The ladies in ugly high waisted ugly shorts eventually began falling over, leaving drinks everywhere, and entertaining everyone watching them. You know how when you go to a bar and it's just a relaxing chill night, but there's always ONE person dancing all crazy - this was them.

One of the ladies was a short, whalish, ginger. She resembled a troll you'd find under the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Her fat piggish ham bottom hung out the back of her shorts and spoiled drinks within a 5 foot radius.

Her tall friend looked like a tree dressed in ugly high waisted shorts. Or maybe a scarecrow in ugly high waisted shorts.

And the third girl in ugly high waisted shorts was wearing sunglasses inside a dimly lit Starboard at 11pm.

Would they still be creepy if they weren't in high waisted shorts? Nah, just people having fun.

No person should ever wear shorts so high that it covers their belly button and I thought we left that disgusting fashion fail in 2013.

High waisted shorts are haggard.
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As much as I REALLY wanna make fun of these delightful examples of girls that should've stayed at home, or at least looked in the mirror BEFORE they ordered that first drink, I really ca't because I can only think of how smashing I would look in a Speedo (I'm 50 and seriously over in the weightage!)...but then again, I quit drinking 7 years ago and I always consult a mirror before leaving. Good lord....thems some NASTYness!!!


High waist shorts are always guaranteed to raise higher than they were made to go. It's crazy how these woman can leave their homes wearing such tight, short clothing that rise with every strut showing their behinds and they don't even care. Ladies, by all means, it's okay to be sexy & know just how sexy you are! However, I personally would rather go out to a party or club, let guys see how damn sexy I look & undress me with their eyes instead of dressing in an attire that does it for them.:rolleyes::cool::p;)
Jul 31, 2014
It's funny how sometimes people that want to show a lot of skin are the ones that shouldn't.
I don't understand why a slightly overweight woman would want to show off her big, square, flabby butt. It's not impressing anyone.


These girls are obviously attention seekers and they are getting plenty of (the wrong kind of) attention here.


High waisted shorts aren't for "skanks." They're for everyone who feels like they look good wearing them, and who are you to judge them for that? This is essentially slut-shaming, and that's really not okay. How would you feel if you wore a certain type of clothing that you really liked, and then someone tells you "Oh, that type of clothing is for douches or idiots." Doesn't feel too good eh?





  1. Some girls look amazing in high-waisted shorts. Just go on Instagram, seriously.
  2. High waisted shorts aren't for skanks, they're for whoever wishes to wear them. That's like saying mens' cargo shorts are for douchebags.
  3. They aren't skanks just because they're wearing high-waisted shorts
  4. They're just really badly dressed. They don't know a thing about fashion.
  5. As long as they're fine with how they look, why're you being so judgmental and bitter?
  6. What's going on in your life to the point where you're posting stalker pics on a forum about two girls that you probably don't even know?
  7. Whose to say what looks good and what doesn't?
  8. Let me ask again, how much time do you have between not having a life that you're taking the time to do this?
  9. Do you even know if these girls have had tons of sex? If not, you can't call them "skanks".
  10. No matter how much sex a girl has, that shouldn't dictate whether or not you can call her anything rude. You wouldn't call a guy that's had tons of sex a skank, too, right?
  11. I'm seriously going to ask again, "WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE"



Well, I am no fan of high waisted shorts. The same way I don't like those sagging pants that seem to be in fashion with guys. Sorry, maybe I am a prude but I think that when we leave our homes there is a certain dress code we should follow. I just don't think such shorts are in good taste, but that is just my opinion, apparently some of us like this look personally I don't.


You know I was shocked when I first say that these short were making a comeback. I thought it looked stupid back in the 80s, and I couldn't believe it was in style again. I hate it. I thought the old bongo shorts were cute but these high waisted crap has to go.


If I wore these shorts I would probably look worse than they do. No, not maybe. I absolutely would. This is why I don't dress like that when I go out drinking. If I did, especially now a days, I would be an idiot to think at least one of the five hundred cell phones in the room wouldn't snap a picture. When you go out obviously dressed to get attention, what do you expect? The photographer should be ashamed, definitely. But the friends who let those girls go out in public looking like that are the real bad guys here.
Feb 25, 2015
I hated that look back in the 80s, and I hate it even more 30 years later. Who set the latest trends? They need to get their heads checked. I think is't just a bad attempt to hide your gut.


I hated that look back in the 80s, and I hate it even more 30 years later. Who set the latest trends? They need to get their heads checked. I think is't just a bad attempt to hide your gut.
It's a prime example of screwed up priorities, if that was their intention. I think they would look so much better with the shorts pulled down about 4 inches, and a little gut poking out.
Or maybe, its an indication of how long its been since the last time they had a night out.
Or maybe it was a dare.


I don't see anything wrong with wearing high-waisted shorts though. I mean, if you are comfortable with it, then go for it.


Jul 29, 2014
I must admit that if it's not my mom, my sister, my daughter, my niece, my grandma, my aunt, or my wife wearing them, it's a real treat for the eyes watching girls in those shorts. But that's only if they have an acceptable body. You want to be delighted, not grossed out.
May 21, 2015
I am not a fan of the shorts pictured, but high-waisted shorts can look cute. But more often than not, people who wear them are those who probably shouldn't. The only time I seem to see these shorts are on Instagram, at the mall, or other public places and they look fine. They are an appropriate length, they are often covered by long shirts, and look amazing.

But, if the wrong people wear them, they won't be appealing or flattering at all. Let's face it, we wouldn't want to see our grandmothers in these shorts.


I don't think it's so much high waisted shorts as it is shorts where your vagina flaps in the wind. It's like that is supposed to stay inside your clothing ladies. If I want to see a vagina I would grab a mirror or some porn. Stop forcing everyone to stare at your vagina. Thank you. That is all.


Those aren't so much high-waisted shorts as they are just ill fitting. I wear high waisted shorts and my butt cheeks don't hang out at all. I wear them and my husband, brother, or any other male figure in my life has never objected to me wearing them out. I'm not ashamed of bringing my daughter with me somewhere or going to dinner or anything, because the shorts a) cover everything and b) look good on me. I'm also not a skank whatsoever.
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