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News Free Bleeding? Really?

This is a feminist movement that apparently has been around for awhile, the article I found that I linked this post to dates back to last year. But I just found out about this yesterday while online, and I was appalled to say the least. Apparently there is a feminist movement that says that a woman should free flow during her monthly cycle using no feminine products.

That's right, as a woman I find this sort of thing appalling to say the least. According to the feminist this movement is for two reasons, first to let a woman know that this is nothing to be ashamed of, that is a natural process. Second because feminine napkin products were created by men, so those in a feminist community should opt not to use them.

Now I was taught that this is nothing to be ashamed of, but its also good healthy hygiene to use such products and to keep yourself clean during this time. Also, I don't care that the products are man made I am grateful to whomever got the idea to create them in the first place.

To me this is just totally unhealthy not mention unsanitary. Not just to the individual but to those around them. To me I think this feminist have gone too far with this movement, but that's just my opinion which I share with hundreds of others who left appalled comments on this article:


So, I guess I am really not alone in finding this sort of thing appalling.


Seriously? Should we just start peeing our pants also? Because that is what it feel like, not to mention it would be a lot more unsanitary.There is all kinds of things wrong with this. I have a heavy flow and I would never want to walk around in blood soaked pants. Imagine sitting down at work to do something and hen you get up there is a nice big butt imprint from your blood on a chair. That would violate health codes considering blood can contain diseases. I do not even care for pads because I hate the feeling of something wet rubbing against me. When the world ends tampons are the number one thing I am stocking up on because I have no clue how people in the old days could stand it without them. Who cares who invented pads or tampons. They were genius to come up with it and they have helped millions of women be able to go about a normal day.


I can understand pads being uncomfortable, and tampons causing adverse reactions. But I think this goes too far! Menstrual cups are a safe, hygienic alternative. No one wants to sit on a piece of furniture that's been bled all over. I just can't even wrap my head around the logistics of freebleeding. Don't these women have jobs?!


Those believers aren't normal at all. Apart from this being totally unclean, how would women go out in pblic during this time? It was awhile back so I do hope they have all come to their sense by this.


I can only hope they came to their senses, because this was just going too far. I agree that how could these women go out in public. This isn't the most sanitary thing to do, even if it is a natural process that no woman should be ashamed of. I have to wonder if what will be next saying that babies shouldn't wear diapers because its a nautral process. Please, I think we go too far when we sacriface gtood hygiene to make a message.


Seriously? Is this really a feminist movement or should I say, an outrageous movement? Yes, menstruation is a natural process for women and we should be proud of it because it indicates our femininity but we shouldn't take the term "be proud of it" literally.


Yuck! This is just gross and whoever thinks it is natural, must be mentally ill to say the least. Unhealthy, unsanitary, smelly, and just way too barbaric! I don't know who would like to be around this sort of thing, but I would be heading into different direction. I don't think our older great great great great grandma would even consider this. How awful that our generation will be exposed to this nasty and horrible idea!


WTF indeed! This is completely inconsiderate - it's unhygienic and would make those around you very uncomfortable indeed. I can certainly understand those who use re-usable sanitary protection - it's much better for the enviromnent but to forego it altogether is plain madness!
Feb 26, 2015
Voiding our intestines is sooo natural, I think we should do it in our favorite restaurant! That'll show those damned men we mean business! I mean really? I can't let go of this! Do these (and other quacks) expect society to cave to this crap and take them seriously?
May 21, 2015
It's so disgusting. I was looking at a photo-shoot one of the Free-Bleeders had done and that was enough for me to get grossed out. I don't see how people can do that. You are just contaminating everything you sit on or even grazed past. They are setting horrible examples for others and I hope this movement is finally laid to rest soon.


Pardon me but that is gross. Not using a napkin during the period? I cannot imagine that, really. It would be very uncomfortable for me to walk with a wet panty. And what if I would sit carelessly and someone would espy on my wet panty? Hahahaaa.


Another blog against the patriarchy right? I mean, if that's what they want to do, more power to them in staining their clothes and possibly grossing out friends and family. If they're comfortable with it, good luck is all I can say. Its one thing for someone to bleed through their pads and have an accident, its another thing to do something like this..

Krystle Crossman

This is so disgusting and such a health hazard!! Things that are covered in blood in hospitals are placed in the hazardous waste bins for a reason. Do they really just walk around and sit on buses and such leaving bloodstains wherever they go? That is just absolutely revolting.


All this is really is an attempt to get some kind of attention...how does that saying go, something like, even negative attention is still attention. I'm sorry but the whole free bleeding thing is disgusting. I know it's "the woman's body" and "natural" and all that blah blah blah, but really, we aren't cavemen (women?) anymore. These people need to have some self-dignity.


Gross. I think it's less about attention and more about being owned and held back by society. People don't push back without reason and we're being held down more and more every day. This is just one of a zillion ways humans are trying to hold on to themselves and what little power we have left over our own lives. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but think of teens who are trying to grow into their own with dictator parents.


I literally just puked in my mouth a little. That's disgusting!


I can think of a million better ways to take ownership and become an individual than to do something like free-bleeding. I was raised with some pretty strict parents (wouldn't quite call them dictators, though), and would never consider doing this as a way of getting free from them. Instead, I just made something of myself and went out on my own responsibly.


Here in the UK, we have to pay tax on sanitary products (despite them being ESSENTIAL) and I can't help but think that these feminists would do more for the cause of women in this country by campaigning to have this tax abolished.
Jul 31, 2014
I'm a feminist and I find this disgusting. Why would I want to ruin all my pants on purpose?
Feminine products are not tools of oppression. They are a means to stay clean and dry.

I wonder how many members of this movement get stopped on the street by well meaning passers by ,telling them that something is on their pants.
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