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News Filipino dudes nailed to cross for Easter

I'm just laughing at how stupid these Filipino people are for enacting a ritualistic nailing to the cross. Why don't they sit home and watch Dance Moms and chill out? It's 4/20 and they got tricked into getting "high" up on a cross.

So there's a guy in a cape, Greek looking soldiers, a white dude, and a bunch of people looking bored. I feel like they all want to go home and drink a Red's Apple Ale and play some Xbox.

What makes people want to spend a day looking as bored as these people do? The people on the ground look more miserable than the guys flopping on the cross.

Does anyone else think reenactments are stupid?

filipinos nailed to cross for easter4.jpg

filipinos nailed to cross for easter.jpg filipinos nailed to cross for easter2.jpg filipinos nailed to cross for easter3.jpg filipinos nailed to cross for easter5.jpg

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