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News Duke's adult film star, Belle Knox, on Piers Morgan

LOL to Duke University! One day they're dealing with the lacrosse team allegations that they jacked up some hoodrat stripper, but later it turns out that the lacrosse team was innocent and the crackhead stripper was a career criminal.

Now Duke University has an adult film star. She claims that she does this line of work in order to pay tuition...her $40,000 + per year tuition.

Well...does anyone believe that?

I heard on the Opie and Anthony show this week that Belle Knox is a cutter and she has scars all over her calves. This is her rebellious nature that she's going against every grain of brains that her parents should have instilled in her - but they either tortured her or paid zero attention to her. It's clearly her parents fault that their child turned out to be an adult actress. Kids typically mirror their parents. Maybe Belle Knox wasn't ever allowed to have a boyfriend, so now she has 900 boyfriends. It's like when kids aren't allowed to eat candy as a kid, then they turn 18 and have 11 cavities and diabeetus in the same week.

We also learned that shooting adult scenes only pays a few hundred to about $1200, and $1200 is probably for extreme things I won't mention here; use your imagination.

The adult industry doesn't pay her enough to afford tuition unless she stars in 35-80 scenes per school year.

Anthony Cumia then proved that one doesn't need a high school education and blasted his mathematics skills upon us, sans calculator, and described in miles how many manparts Belle Knox needs to sit on in order to pay for four years of school.

Thank you Anthony for the horrid image scorned into my brain.

I'd rather think of miles of cats chasing lasers.

Enjoy the interview with Piers Morgan, if it doesn't annoy you.

If the video makes you sick, then go listen to Opie and Anthony and Jim Norton (loves Belle Knox)! Find out where to hear them on OpieRadio.com.

Find Opie at Facebook.
Find Anthony Cumia on Twitter.
Find Jim Norton (and get American Degenerate for $5) at JimNorton.com.
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