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News Crybabies Ruin Another Thing!

FX new show, The Strain, has some gross science fiction imagery on a billboard and people are throwing a fit. It's not like the billboard has the terrorist beheading videos streaming live. It's just a set of eyes and one of them has a protruding worm that looks like a 7th grader drew it in art class. So not exactly real looking, but still causing mass disturbia to the point that FX yanked the ad. Really FX? You gave in THAT easy? C'mon FX, you let Opie die. You killed Opie. You had the blazing hot steel cajones to pull that off, but you break under pressure to a bunch of idiot crybabies over the worm eye?

People have all seen way worse and way more weird. But oh no, FX does a cool artistic advertisement 100% relevant to the show and every sissy day is ruined. Upon seeing it, reactions should be more like this:
  • So cool.
  • So weird.
  • I'll watch it.
  • No thanks.
  • Let me take a selfie.
Here's the billboard people are crying about:

So go back in time to when the Saw series was popular and all over the place. Was everyone who saw the advertisements from Saw 2 through Saw 9,000 complaining, even though they knew that those movies contained torture, mutilation, and absolute horror? No. Those people either watched the next movie or just didn't care.

So then how does a cartoon worm crawling out of an eye, offend, sicken, and disturb people? You can impale and tear apart human heads and body parts in every Saw movie - but that's not worse? You don't even have to see something gross to know that the Saw movies had very evil things in them - you just knew and imagined what could be in the next one.

What about the movie Captivity that shows more realistic images of things that could legitimately happen? Not that a worm eye can't occur, but for the sake of comparison, how does this billboard make you feel?

Did people complain about this abduction and torture? I don't remember hearing many complaints. I think people had tougher skin and more common sense years ago. Their first reaction wasn't to write to FX about how terrible their worm eye was.

What about this old picture from when JAWS was in the theaters? You already knew what happened in Jaws. Just hearing the name causes people to be scared of the ocean on every beach visit. The signs literally tell you how terrifying and horrifying the movie will be. But look at the line! This movie is about to sell out! Meanwhile FX has to feel like they wasted money over a handful of nitwits.

I don't know what happened to America, but people are turning extremely soft. People used to know the difference between gruesome entertainment and reality. Now people whine about everything and think they're making a difference. Well - no one really likes the whiny oversensitive complaining crybabies. They need to toughen up and stop trying to censor the world.

That billboard with the worm eye is the exact kind of cool thing that boys draw every day when they're not paying attention at school when they're not drawing pictures of the girls they like or loathe. They think it's cool and freaky and funny.

Here's some of the complainers whining about the Strain billboard on Twitter. It's really not a big deal to see a weird eye with a worm. Not sure where all this hypersensitivity came from, but I certainly am sick of it. It's weakening the population and creating an arsenal of tears. I don't want to paddle up a creek of crybaby tears just to buy some groceries. I'd like to have some vivid imagery on my way to the store. A weird worm eye does not bother me.

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Well, this is the first I have heard about this and I find it ridiculous. When are we going to stop catering to a choic few all because they know how to complain and get people riled up on Social medica. They want to get upset about something how about those graphically detailed Viagra commericals that have women talking in a bedroom literally giving detail about what Viagra does while sprawled on a bed, this might not be so bad if these commericials weren't airing in the evening during the news, which kids can be watching. Anyway, about the billboard, I have seen worse over the years, yet for some this was offensive, its a graphic for a TV show for crying out loud. Some book covers are worse then this, I know I worked in a libray years ago.


Around here, we had this billboard several years ago:

It caused a huge issue among people, not because of what it said but because of the picture. I think that picture was awful and offensive, but it stayed up as far as I can remember.

People who complain over everything have been conditioned to think that the world bends at their whim. These are the same people who are crying for teachers not to use red ink anymore because it "looks angry and makes students feel bad". We live in a society where all you have to do is complain that something makes you uncomfortable or offends you and everyone goes "omg so sorry, can I get you a cup of tea?"

That first Tweet pissed me off. If that guy crashes and dies because of that freaking billboard, I'd consider it natural selection.


Like whining about high waisted shorts? lol. I don't know.. I think it depends on where these were posted. If all in the same area, then it doesn't make sense, but if you're comparing a billboard in a shady area to a billboard across the street from a daycare, then maybe? Either way, everyone seems to be a whiner these days.. everyone. Even the ones complaining about whining. Nobody is happy anymore.. and they never will be. If these things bother you, maybe it's time to turn off society. Or at least turn down the volume. Far more important things in life.


Well, it really depends on that person if he/she thinks it is too gross to be publicly advertised. As for me, I don't want to see something like that unexpectedly.


What's gross is depending on the taste of the beholder. But I agree that there are gross photos not only in movie billboards but also in commercial. There was one commercial of KFC years ago. There were these 2 guys and 1 was holding a KFC when his friend asked if he could share. What the guy did with his KFC meal was unimaginable... he spat on it not once but many times and he offered it to his friend. Silly and stupid commercial, so gross.
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