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Cops taser didn't stop suspect from stealing school bus, ramming into multiple cars in crazy police chase video

Holy Grand Theft Auto, Batman! This suspect stole a school bus and went driving like crazy, crashing into cars left and right as they lead police on a wild chase.

Cops tried to taser him, but it didn't work and he took off in a stolen school bus. At some point, the suspect was eventually slowed down and apprehended, later identified as Anthony Reyes.

There are two videos - 1 long one here, and a shorter even crazier one below.

WATCH IT HAPPEN (language warning):

NBC New York reported: "Police in Brooklyn chased a man who allegedly stole a school bus in the area Thursday and took it on a wild ride before it came to a crashing halt. According to investigators, a school bus with the name "Hoyt Transportation" on the side was allegedly stolen at around 1:45 p.m. It was around this time that police responded to a call of a located stolen school bus in the vicinity of Jackie Robinson Parkway. When officers arrived, they allegedly observed a parked school bus with a man inside. When the officers tried to enter the bus, the man allegedly began to resist. Police say that officers unsuccessfully deployed a Taser and the man fled in the bus. Luckily, there were no kids on board when this took place."

Here's another video that shows even more craziness.


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