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News Cat Kick Video Gets Stupid Andre Robinson Arrested!

andre robinson cat kick video.jpg

There's a special kind of idiot out there who kicks cats. He's called Andre Robinson. He's a 24 year old D-Bag living in a Brooklyn neighborhood where apparently it's cool and funny to kick homeless cats. Well Andre, you're almost homeless yourself. You're a 24 year old loser who probably performed miserable in school, you have numerous arrests, and you can probably barely read. What life are you about to live that's any better than that of a homeless cat?

So you kick a cute little kitty? Why would anyone do that? It's not like the cat viciously attacked you? It was a nice cat...probably desperate for a home and food, and you kick it. You're an A-Hole.

Screw you Andre Robinson and I hope someone curb stomps you in Brooklyn and your mother disowns you, you degenerate animal hater.

Here's the video - and if you think this will make you mad, then watch it twice and comment below with how mad you are. I know I'm close to driving to Brooklyn to stomp this idiots face in. Maybe I'll waive a $20 spot in front of him like he pretend to feed that nice kitty, then I'll kick his nuts up into his mouth.

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