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News Carving Initials Into Roman Colosseum

Anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to go to Rome to leave your initials in the remains of this anceint structure think again. In Rome this is consider a felony after all, the Roman Colosseum is not only a tourist attaction but a historic monument to the citizens of Rome. So, carving initials into it is considered vanalism.

However, does this stop tourist from dong this? Apparently not a few days ago to tourist from California thought it would be fun to break away from their tour group to carve their initials in the the structure. If that wasn't enough they decided to a selfie of them doing so and posted it on social media. Yes, they were caught by the authorities in the act, but even if they hadn't the fact that they posted their actions would of led to them being caught eventually. What were they thinking, not only doing this but posting it on social media?

This comes after a tourist from Russia carved the letter K into the Colosseum last November. He was also apprehended after a witnessed turned him in, and he was fined about $25,000 for his actions. Have to wonder if the same fate awaits the girls from California. Let this be a lesson to all of us, lets not mess with historic monuments in any way, no matter how fun it may seem at the time to do so. Its not worth it in the end.



I have always been fascinated with aristocracy, historical sites, buildings, structures, and ancient coliseums. But no matter how fanatic I am about these things, I would never carve my initials into them. That's very disrespectful as though you don't have any appreciation for them. Yes, that's considered vandalism.


Carving into a historic sight is a terrible thing to do, or carving anywhere for that matter. Take a picture to keep for memory without destroying thing for goodness sake! Those girls are just brainless to post it on social media sites, and I am glad the social media sites serve its purpose of proof. Learn from it!


I agree that its ridiculous that some think its cute of fun to do such a thing. I have always wanted to see the Roman Colosseum in real life, but I certainly would never do anything to it, like carve my initials there. What were these people thinking other then it might be fun leave their initials there for prosperity. If they want to leave their initials in something carve them in a tree in their back yard. Don't go to Rome and do this to one of their beloved monuments to history. Maybe they didn't see it as doing any harm, but there is historic significance there, and it shouldn't be vandalized in any way.


That was such a disrespectful thing to do. Why on earth did they think it was OK do damage such a historical site? Still, their stupidity caught up with them in the end and hopefully, they'll receive a hefty fine.
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