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Bus driver faces probation after body slamming passenger, claims victim started problem with another driver (video)

A Chicago city bus driver was seen on video body slamming a passenger faces probation after pleading guilty to a lesser charge instead of a felony.

The man who slammed the victim claims the passenger had started it and was starting trouble with another driver, and that he was simply defending the other driver.


But now, a source tells FOX 32 that Williams has since pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery — a lesser charge. He will be spending 18 months on probation for the incident that occurred on South Western Avenue. Last year, Williams told FOX 32 the passenger started the fight and Williams claims he was defending another bus operator. Both Williams and that bus operator were fired. (Fox 32 Chicago)

Contrary to popular belief, this video circulated social media claiming the vicitm was in Antifa, but there was no evidence to support that claim.
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