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News America needs MORE GUNS!

Our good Liberal Left-Wingers are planning to introduce more restrictive gun laws. And if you didn’t know, you’ll now know that Left-Wing = Marxist Socialist Communist. Yes, these are the morons leading the fight to disarm the America citizens who actually know how to shoot guns. I agree that guns aren’t for everyone, but that’s population control and mistaken facial wounds. Nevertheless, the Brady Anti-Gun Law bunch is at it again and they say they want to make it more difficult for criminals to buy guns.

Being that current laws make arms buyers suffer a waiting period and background check, shouldn’t the person checking background notice that "James "diamond thief" Smith" is a known criminal? It seems that the weakness that permits criminals to get legal weaponry lies in the hands of the people earning $8.00 per hour doing poor background checks.

Another fact supportive in the favor of people buying guns is that less than 0.2% of all legally purchased and owned firearms in the US are involved in the commission of a crime. More restrictive gun laws mean that we will punish 99.8% of gun owners for the crimes of a minute 0.2%. Australia had their people turn in their guns and private possession of firearms became illegal. Violent crime has risen more than 120% since the Australian citizens turned in their guns. Surfboards now come with automated Tech 9′s instead of fins and wax.

Yet, Left-Wingers still want more gun laws but refuse to face facts that gun control doesn’t exactly mean less crime. Time and money spent hoarding guns could be spent herding criminals: people control. Gun control wastes taxpayer money.

If you have any common sense, and I know my readers do, and then you’ll understand that the gun is not at fault, it doesn’t stand on its handle and shoot people at random. It takes a person with intent to point and pull the trigger. The gun is not the criminal but the person who uses that gun in an act of crime is, and that is who we need to disarm. We need anti-criminal laws, not anti-gun laws.

Suggested Anti-Criminal Laws

1) Upon conviction of using a firearm in the act of a felony, an automatic (no discretion of judge) minimum sentence of 30 years in prison with no parole will be mandatory.

2) Upon conviction of first degree murder with a firearm during the act of a felony an automatic (no discretion of judge) minimum sentence of life in prison with no parole will be mandatory.

I also recently heard that people who make guns were going to take some heat. Why? Did people who built bombs take the blame for Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima? No. They were hired to do a job and they did it. Are you going to arrest a car salesman because he sold a car to someone who turned out to be a drunken mess one night, which smashed through a home and killed a woman pregnant with twins? No. You arrest the driver. That said, would you arrest the person who manufactured a gun, sold it to a store, and then at that store someone at the counter sold a gun to a person who went postal and shot his boss and killed his coworkers? Let me guess the manufacturer and store clerk count as accomplices to murder? No. They don’t.Because that's only possible in the mind of a stupid person. The cause effect relationship doesn't go back that far.

United States needs more strict anti-criminal laws. Protect the guns and have stricter background checks.

I want people to have guns for protection.
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