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News 9/11 inside job conspiracy theory

The following is a copy of my article that was published in newspapers after 9/11. I finally found a copy and here it is.

If you were deeply affected by 9/11, then I don’t think you should read the rest of this. But if you’re over it, and you find current events to be interesting, then you’ll enjoy this.

Internet sites detailing the controversy regarding Flight 77, and what really happened that day at the Pentagon have been fascinating. The French seem to have a different view than most Americans do.

The hijacked “American Airlines Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people aboard,” and killed a total of 189 people including passengers and persons inside the Pentagon, according to CNN.com.

Yet, according to some French Web sites, Flight 77 is either missing, or the massive Boeing 757-200 never existed. These sites also describe how the Pentagon was possibly struck by a warhead or a drone, something to take the place of Flight 77 while 77 rerouted to an unmarked location, and not a plane at all.

Experts say that Flight 77 was pulverized upon impact with the highly reinforced Pentagon walls and melted, and then evaporated at 2500° C. Yet it still penetrated two other walls and more and created a circular hole 2_yards in diameter? So what they are saying is that the nose of the plane, which would perhaps explain the reason for the smaller sized holes, broke through the first wall and then made it through two others. But the radome, the nose of the airplane that houses the radar, is not strong in comparison to the rest of the plane, therefore it should have been destroyed or at least heavily damaged upon impact with the Pentagon.

Experts also say that Flight 77 impacted at or near ground level. If so, then the grass in front of the point of penetration should probably be scorched, but the grass remained intact. The grass under and surrounding the plane that crashed in Somerset County, Pa on 9/11 was burnt to a crisp.

Another mystery concerns the wings of the massive aircraft. On one website, a photograph showed no damage to the walls of the Pentagon from the wings of an aircraft. In another photograph, from the same French website, depicts where the plane impacted and where further damage to the Pentagon should exist. In this photograph, a hypothetical plane, supposedly the same size as Flight 77, is shown with a wingspan much larger than the actual area of the damage.

From this picture, it looks as though the wings and tail of such a massive aircraft didn’t damage or slice through Pentagon walls at all. Next, little debris was recovered. According to my sources, the aircraft evaporated leaving little to no remains, but does that seem likely? Flight 77 was destroyed to the point of evaporation, yet the Pentagon suffered a hypothetical paper cut?

The aircraft “appeared to hold about eight to twelve people” and “sounded like the high-pitched squeal of a fighter”, explained Steve Patterson to the Washington Post, on Sept. 11, which contradicts the story as reported by CNN.

What really struck the Pentagon? Some French believe it was a Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (CALCM). And according to www.aerotechnews.com, “Boeing is on contract with the Air Force to convert 322 nuclear Air-Launched Cruise Missiles to non-nuclear CALCMs.” A CALCM has a small wingspan, and since it’s a missile, it could have reached the last area of impact causing the circular hole.

The point of impact was a hole measuring two and a half yards in diameter that was said to be created by the nose of the aircraft or warhead. No matter what, where is the object that created that hole? I’m sure technology exists that can recover pieces of aircrafts from crashes and hijackings.

Reading about this hasn’t helped us conclude what really happened on 9/11 and that’s a problem. With devastation like this happening to us, don’t we deserve a clear concise explanation? There’s so much information that isn’t available in print in the United States that is available on various French websites. We’re not sure what it is the French want people to know, and whether or not any of the information is legitimate, but it is extremely interesting.

Either way, we don’t know what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 because we weren’t there. Perhaps someone will find out what exactly it is that the French and some Americans want to know, the truth.


You know the attack on the Pentagon is one of those things on that day that did puzzle me. At first it appeared as if a bomb or something had been set in the Pentagon itself. Yet according to news reports it was a plane that hit it. Yet even then my thoughts were if it was a plane where is the wreckage of it. Yes, the same could be siad of the planes that hit the World Trade Center, but this was a tower versus a ground structure. I have heard many conspiracies surrounding 9/11 including one that it never happened, which I find hard to swallow. But this one does make sense to me, the attack on the Pentagon to me was questionable, and I felt like there was more to that story that meets the eye.


Jul 29, 2014
When the first conspiracy theories started hitting the net, a lot of people couldn't, wouldn't believe it. Anyone who spoke about things not adding up, or being against the war, got black listed in some way. Just ask The Dixie Chicks. But these days, almost everyone agrees something really strange happened on that day.
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