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Entertainment 22 Jump Street

These guys have the best job on the planet. Undercover cops going to college. How could that go wrong besides Jonah Hill having an injury in which he says "I broke my a*s" ?

Part Two's are usually not as funny, but this MIGHT hold up due to the people in the movie. Hangover 2 wasn't as good, and no one even watched Hangover 3 except for people paid to review it.

Let's hope 22 Jump Street stays funny, then calls it quits.

22 jump street.jpg


I agree about sequels usually not being as good as the first movie, but I have high hopes for 22 Jump Street! You're spot on about the Hangover franchise, but I think the plot with 21 Jump Street has a lot of room to be developed into sequels. I think Jonah and Channing have really good comedic chemistry. I guess we will have to wait and see!


Jul 30, 2014
I have only seen 21 Jump Street myself and I thought this movie was funny as but as of yet I have not seen 22 Jump Street and I am biased as to whether it would be worth me watching it or just giving it a miss as there are so many mixed reviews about it. Sometimes sequels can work however some just don't leaving you feeling disappointed.

Has anyone seen this movie yet? Was it better and did a sequel from the first one work?
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