by Frank

July 22, 2021

Several hosts of The View agree that we should allow social media to verify our ID in order to join social media platforms. The hosts discussed this after actor Idris Elba suggested that social media sites prove their identity through an ID, thus making people less likely to troll each other as it could potentially reduce the amount of toxic posting going on, despite how much fun some of it might be.

The video above shows Whoopi Goldberg sparking the conversation and several hosts explaining why they agree with the idea that social media should use ID to verify all users as they register.

The View posted on Twitter, saying: “SHOULD SOCIAL MEDIA BE VERIFIED VIA ID? After racist online attacks on Black athletes during the #EuroCup, actor Idris Elba wants social media sites to make users prove their identities so they cannot troll people anonymously — the co-hosts discuss.

Now don’t call me crazy, but if social media ever required ID, then that would just be another argument Republicans hold against them on voter ID.

If a Democrat wants you to sign up to social media with an ID, then we can vote with an ID too.


You can’t have an ID for just about everything else out there, then yell racism when Republicans want an ID to vote.

Everyone should want an ID to be required for voting. One ID, one person, one vote – it’s that simple.

Of course, that’s not very simple to Democrats. They cry racism almost every time the voter ID discussion comes up. Kamala Harris is so stupid that she insulted people who live in rural areas, acting like they couldn’t figure out how to make a photocopy of their ID if they had to.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

You know, these folks who live out in the middle of nowhere figured out everything else in life, but for some reason Kamala Harris thinks it would be difficult for them to find a “Kinkos” like she said and make a copy?

We have phones that can basically make photocopies now, but I guess Kamala Harris is still on that Nextel flipphone if she’s spewing this anti-voter ID nonsense.

But hey, just a typical hypocritical situation is brewing here. How many Democrats would be OK with social media requiring ID, but not OK with voting requiring ID.

And according to Democrats, voter ID is basically racist, so how would those folks sign up to social media if they can’t get an ID?

We are living in a clown world and we can’t make this stuff up.




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