by Frank

July 19, 2021

Joy Behar and her team over at The View used to treat former President Donald Trump a lot differently. Trump was a darling and well-loved guest on the show before he became president and the show politicized him and used left-wing outrage as part of their show content.

Trump was telling them that America was doing badly, getting ripped off, and called out China for taking jobs and money.

Trump says that Americans might want someone who will protect the country and the people.

At the end of the video, the hosts then responded when they were called out for treating him differently.

One of the biggest problems of the different ways they treated Trump was that they didn’t do this because of his personality or character, they probably did it because of his politics.


Instead of realizing that Trump was likely the same guy he was before, just different views on politics, they used Trump as a means of generating content for their show and catering to what they thought the audience might like.

This is show business and it’s all about the ratings, so if throwing a formerly loved guest under the bus for the sake of the show is what must happen, then you know Hollywood has no problem doing it.

It’s just a shame that people who seemed to adore Trump so much that they had him as a guest on the show would turn their back on him later as he runs for president.

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What does that tell you about the media, entertainment business, and the hosts as a person?




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