‘The Five’ rip Biden for being a ‘hapless’ leader, Jesse Watters can’t contain himself

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‘The Five’ reacts to White House concerns over Biden’s sinking approval numbers. Biden was scolded by Jesse Watters in a previous episode where Monica Crowley came by to say how bad things were.


Jesse Watters scolded President Joe Biden and his administration as ‘useful idiots’ running America’s economy into a massive train-wreck, making Americans suffer ‘acute pain’ at the wallet and the people of the country simply aren’t buying the rhetoric coming out of the White House.


Monica Crowley, the former assistant treasury secretary, said this is absolutely catastrophic for Joe Biden and his administration. Crowley says this could be setting up Democrats for a disaster in November’s midterms.


Watters replied by saying the list of Democrat failures goes on, but wants to know “how bad is it?” Crowley dives into the situation even further making comparisons to former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, calling it a deliberate destruction of the American economy.


To put the economy in perspective, CNBC published the results of surveys among small business owners not too long ago and a majority of Republicans and Democrats both believed that America would hit a recession at some point.