by Frank

November 27, 2020

I don’t know who to give credit to for this brave act of meme madness, but I am cracking up more than I should. It was a legit laugh out loud, all by myself, sitting in my lonely “I don’t want to get arrested for the holiday” Thanksgiving chair.

The meme video makes fun of Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot and some of the restrictions set by mostly Democrat mayors or governors. Some of the restrictions want families to celebrate smaller this year, in hopes to avoid multi-family celebrations, mass travel, and in preventing the spread.

Well, who else but Lori Lightfoot would be better coming out of a cooked turkey to issue a warning! Maybe Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi, or maybe Chuck Schumer – but Lori Lightfoot probably takes the cake here.

To be honest, her little beady head could fit in a small chicken if we pushed hard enough, but that’s besides the point. That’s right, keep pushing and get the whole mayor in there. Stuff that lady right in there. Then throw it in the trash like a vegetarian meal and call it a day! Touche!

Here’s the Thanksgiving blue state meme video I was laughing out loud at. Laughing like a fat carbed-out turkey eating slob, if you will… now it’s yours to laugh at too!

Blue State Thanksgiving meme has me laughing so hard at Trending Views





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