by Frank

July 23, 2021

The House floor sure got a quick show from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz when he unleashed on White House press secretary Jen Psakiand her bogus claim that Republicans wanted to defund police when they wouldn’t sign off on a massive spending bill that included a police budget.

Except, disagreeing with an entire trillion dollar spending bill does not mean Republicans want to defund the police, it just means that Republicans don’t agree with the entire contents of the American Rescue Plan package.

Psaki spun the situation by suggesting that Republicans not agreeing to the expensive American Rescue Plan was them defunding police by default, but she’s just spinning things with wordplay and it’s unlikely that anyone believed her on this one.

Ted Cruz calls out Jen Psaki’s statement as a calculated lie from the White House.

Ted Cruz reminds the people who are listening that Republicans support the police, not the other way around.


This is how politicians and people working in government spin things to benefit their agenda.

Jen Psaki knows that Republicans aren’t the ones calling for defunding police. It’s actually quite crazy that she was ridiculous enough to say that after Democrats in general have spent so much time calling for police to be defunded.

I am very hopeful that anyone who saw Jen Psaki say this wasn’t brainless enough to believe it.

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Here’s the video where Jen Psaki makes her statement against Republicans, showing her obvious partisanship and taking a knee before her idols Joe Biden and George Floyd:

Ted Cruz also referred to Jen Psaki’s irresponsible claim as horse manure and nothing but gas lighting.

She is literally just making bizarre statements that got everyone talking, but it was people roasting her for making such a dumb statement in general.

Take one look across the country and it’s Republicans wearing “back the blue” shirts and Democrats protesting for career criminals like George Floyd.

Now tell me, who wants to defund the police?




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