July 30, 2020

2020 is plagued by violence by protesters. A Republican senator had enough of this and wants Democratic officers to be held responsible for the ensuing commotion. For Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, it is time for Democrats to pay the price. 

Last week, a federal bill was introduced. It aims to make cities liable for damage to businesses and personal property.  Western Journal reported that the bill is there to hold Democrats accountable for allowing damage to ensue and forcing police officers to stop working. 

On Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom, “Cruz said, “We’re seeing growing violence, we’re seeing physical assault. We’re seeing radicals who are trying to really tear down our society, and none of this should be complicated.” He continued, “You have a right to protest. I have a right to protest peacefully. We have a right to speak our minds. The First Amendment protects that.” 

Cruz said this as a response from the Wall Street Journal’s editorial entry on Monday evening. The entry described and enumerated the events of violence taking over the Democratic Party-controlled cities. 

The article wrote, “The weekend’s events were a deliberate assault on public and private property, law enforcement, and public order. Lawlessness begets lawlessness, and in recent weeks we’ve seen reports of vigilantes and far-right activists joining the melee from Richmond to Philadelphia. Local officials are allowing this disorder to occur, and the more it is indulged the worse it is likely to get.”

Cruz’s bill wants to hold government officials accountable. For his bill, he said, “What you or I don’t have a right to do is hurt somebody else. You don’t have the right to physically assault someone else. To firebomb a police car, to loot and destroy a small business. To murder a police officer, and sadly, we’ve seen all of that in riots throughout the country. An all of that at the same time is being facilitated and even encouraged by Democratic politicians who have a very cynical decision not to allow the police officers to actually do their job and protect physical safety, protect property, and so they’ve ordered the police officers to pull back, and they’re letting their cities burn.”





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