by Frank

August 26, 2021

At least one classroom had a major disruption when a group of girls started fighting during instructional time, leaving the male classroom teacher helpless.

Many schools have a rule in place where it’s hands-off and with this being a male teacher, him putting his hands on anyone would ultimately end up in HIM receiving the complaints from parents – no matter how bad the fight was.

This fight started as an argument and escalated quickly into a 2 vs 2 that looked like a UFC match going on in the classroom.

The teacher tried to break it up, but there really isn’t much he can do without yanking the girls off each other and probably get fired for it in the process.

He’s stuck in an awful position because he clearly wants them to stop and no one get hurt, but the moment he pulls someone off the other, then you know their parent will be up there yelling about why a teacher touched their student instead of yelling at their kid for ruining everyone’s day.

The other students didn’t do much either, besides sit around and watch quietly and record it.



Now here’s the big problem, besides the obvious fight that disrupts learning time in the classroom.

So many people are quick to insult public schools and make jokes about the education, but it’s not the schools that are bad – it’s the people who ruin classroom time, like the folks in this video.

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If that class didn’t have any fights going on, they seem like they’d be learning and be just fine. The rest of the students are mostly surprisingly calm, but these four bad apples just ruined the class for everyone else.

Now take into consideration how many times this happens and think about why.

It’s not that the classroom and school don’t have any rules, because they definitely do. The problem is the parents who won’t raise their kids to act right.

If you send your kid to school and THIS is how they act, then you have failed as a parent.

Now the problem that’s even bigger than that? It’s that NO ONE will hold the parents accountable and NO ONE will blame the parents directly.

Why? Because in most cases, it happens in urban school districts and you’ll get called a racist if you say the single mom with 8 kids, a new iphone, and no lunch for the kids isn’t doing her job.

When actually, she really isn’t doing her job and neither is the absent father.

Kids with parents who CARE and don’t do their job to raise kids to live with a certain amount of respect and class don’t act like this.

There will always be the class clown or the goofball of every classroom, but if you’re disrespecting your teacher and having a four person brawl in the middle of the class, then your parents are failures and there’s nothing else to say about it.

When we got into fights, we always had the decency to do it after school. It RARELY happened in class because we didn’t want to get suspended because our parents would ground us if we did.

So we fought AFTER school.

Sure, we might catch a lecture from the parents for fighting, but at least we didn’t get suspended on top of it. That was like the icing on the cake that parents would never be OK with.

Nowadays, if the kids in the video above get suspended, they probably sit home with mom and play on their phone all day.

Those kids have parents who failed to raise decent kids and it’s a shame.

But now you know it ain’t the schools that do this, it’s the bad parents who let their kids do whatever they want.

Stop blaming the schools and teachers, and start blaming the failed parents.

Time to hold them accountable.




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