by Frank

September 3, 2021

This is a teacher who appears to be pushing her lifestyle and beliefs into the classroom. She’s facing backlash and being accused of pushing activism in the classroom.

For starters, this is not part of any curriculum I have ever seen. I don’t think any of the books she’s showing in the video below should be in a classroom. There’s no reason for it. You can teach people to love and accept everyone without making it specifically about YOUR OWN alternative lifestyle. Students don’t need this stuff pushed in their face.

This is not reading, math, science, or social studies or any of the basics. It’s basically activism being thrown around in her classroom as if it was supposed to be there and the students will end up being tested on it. Nah, it’s just her doing this and some of the parents might be very concerned.

I’m sure she’s a wonderful person who does a great job as a teacher, but this is not what should be in a classroom and that’s the point.




Would you want your students reading these books? Can’t we teach students to welcome and accept everyone without making it about the teacher’s own personal lifestyle and activism? You don’t need to push this stuff on students in order for them to learn how to be nice to each other.

Teachers are not supposed to push their political or lifestyle choices in the classroom. Teachers are supposed to teach and be kind, yet firm, and be a role model. This is the teacher sharing her lifestyle and that’s the part that is inappropriate.

If a student ever knows your political or lifestyle agenda, then you didn’t do your job as a teacher. It’s like she’s pushing this stuff on her students and that’s where many parents would have a problem with it.

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And again, she seems like a totally nice person who really does mean well, but the classroom is not the space to practice your activism.

She can be just as nice of a teacher by keeping her classroom neutral and without all the alternative lifestyle propaganda.

At what point does this younger generation finally “get it” that teaching is a job and not a place to push your personal agenda or beliefs.

Go to work, do a great job, and leave your personal stuff at home. It’s not that hard and that’s how it should be when you’re a teacher. Just teach and stop pandering to students and stop making TikTok videos bragging about it.

Teachers can welcome everyone into the classroom without promoting the alternative lifestyle through their own activism.




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