by Frank

September 8, 2021

I guess the Taliban got one thing right.

After they took over Afghanistan and forced Joe Biden into a “red line” deadline of August 31st, and refused to let several planes leave keeping the people waiting in the airport LIKE hostages (not as hostages, there’s a difference) the Taliban went right to work in the community and began painting over all the cultural murals in Kabul and started replacing them with their own flag and Islamic slogans.

So basically, the Taliban came in and is kinda trying to recondition the people with their own way of life and beliefs.

Sounds horrible for the people who lived there for 20 years and are now facing huge changes.




Here’s the scoop on it too, as The Guardian reported:

The murals addressed everything from the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and murder of a Japanese aid worker.

“Artlords”, a group of creatives, painted the murals on walls and blast barriers, spending eight years transforming swathes of Kabul until the Taliban marched in. One mural in central Kabul was dedicated to a Japanese doctor and aid worker who was killed in 2019.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah…. back to George Floyd – why was there a George Floyd mural in Afghanistan in the first place?

Why is there murals of that guy anywhere? What happened to him was clearly terrible, but it’s not like the guy was living like a saint before this. Of course, that does not justify his passing, but it’s also not like he was a role model citizen.

A criminal was killed by a cop and treated like he was a modern day saint right after. The cop got charged and that should be the end of the story.

I don’t think we need George Floyd murals all over the world. What’s gonna happen when some younger person Google searches George? He’s gonna find out a crackhead took a knee to the neck and wonder why there’s paintings all over of a criminal.

It’s just leftists virtue signaling and turning Floyd into a modern day crackhead saint.

If the Taliban got at least one thing right out of all the wrongs, then this was it.

I can’t support painting a criminal anywhere, no matter what the situation was with the police.

I don’t like what happened with him, but that doesn’t mean I have to support George Floyd murals either.




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