by Frank

September 20, 2021

Seth Rogen called out the BS with the Emmys – one of those random award shows where rich celebrities pat each other on the back and the ratings keep dropping because a lot of us don’t give a damn to watch this junk.

Rogen was a presenter and as soon as he was on stage, he ripped right into the setup of the award ceremony and it was glorious. It probably had some of the producers shaking in their shoes on what he would say next as he criticized them right on their own award show.


He said: “Good to be here at the Emmy Awards… Let me start by saying: There’s way too many of us in this little room… What are we doing? They said this was outdoors — it’s not! They lied to us! We’re in a hermetically-sealed tent right now… I would not have come to this. Why is there a roof?”

Technically, it was outdoors, but it was kinda shaped like a room and even had some sort of roof to it. So if you were watching it on TV (you must be braindead to watch this garbage) then you probably thought it looked like they were inside. But watch in the video when it zooms out, it literally looks like they are really inside. The roof looks like an actual roof! Like, seriously folks! What the heck is that? What was even the point?


Insider added:

Prior to the ceremony, the Television Academy and CBS had announced plans to use an outdoor space called the Event Deck at LA Live next to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the event.

“This will provide an opportunity to utilize an ‘indoor/outdoor’ setting and more socially distanced audience seating,” a statement provided to Variety said.

The ceremony, which aired live Sunday night on CBS, would appear to the untrained eye to be all indoors, with the nominees and their guests seated close together at tables around the stage.

These award shows are like the worst of the worst. Nothing but wealthy folks groveling over each other, winning fake awards for stuff we don’t really care about.

Seth Rogen is pretty cool. It was cool to see him stand up there and shame the Emmys like that because Hollywood and many others have become nothing but hypocrites in the eyes of Americans.

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