Joe Biden is the ‘whiner-in-chief’ who’s been ‘missing in action’ all of these years: Sean Hannity

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Fox News host Sean Hannity torches President Joe Biden’s progressive leadership and policies as many Americans suffer.


Sean Hannity also referred to Joe Biden as a ‘whiner in chief’ during a recent segment.


Fox News host Sean Hannity called out President Biden’s “lies” Thursday on “Hannity,” saying he “promised to take responsibility for his actions” and didn’t follow through.


SEAN HANNITY: Joe once promised to bring, yes, the country together and unify the country. That was a lie. He promised to take responsibility for his actions, not blame others. That, too, was a big lie.

He promised to shut down the virus, restore the soul of our nation. Well, we had 100,000 new cases of COVID today. That was a lie. He promised not to abandon Americans in Afghanistan. Tony Blinken even admitted we left them behind — another lie. He promised that inflation was transitory. Turns out it looks like it’s almost permanent. That was another lie. He promised gas prices would come down — another lie.


Joe, if you really want to know why your poll numbers are so low, stop being so mystified and shocked and wondering and pondering the great mysteries of the earth here. It’s not complicated. You’re not doing anything right. You’re not helping the American people and all you seem to care about is getting away from D.C. and going to sleep and taking your naps on the beach. America doesn’t trust him because he has been so honest. More importantly, they don’t respect him because his policies are a disaster.



They don’t revere him because they know the family is corrupt. They don’t believe in him because they can’t afford to, and they don’t like him because he blames everything on everybody else, including his own staff. As The New York Post Michael Goodwin put it: “The U.S. loves a winner, not a whiner.” Joe Biden is a whiner-in-chief.