by Frank

September 4, 2021

Rex Chapman is a big time Twitter user who dislikes Trump, but he sure has quite a following and does post a lot of good videos when he’s not bashing right-wingers.

However, he just got blasted after posting one message about a college football game and slammed as a hypocrite with proof.

Rex Chapman posted a picture of a OUTDOOR college football game audience and called it the Covid Bowl. But that’s when someone remembered that Rex had previously posted a photo of himself at a basketball game INDOORs and he wasn’t wearing a mask or social distancing.

He took a little bit of backlash for this one because it was the absolutely most hypocritical thing ever. He was even renamed to REKT Chapman by notorious list-maker Siraj Hashmi, who will call out anyone on social media for having a bad tweet. And trust me, Siraj don’t care who ya are, if your tweet is bad and makes his list, that’s it – you can’t come back from that one!

Here’s the photo of Rex Chapman’s tweet and the guy who called him out side by side. Pretty hypocritical, right?



rex chapman hypocrite


And here’s the legendary Siraj pointing it out and calling him REKT CHAPMAN, which was even funnier than the original tweet.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

Here’s Rex Chapman trying to dunk on Donald Trump.




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