by Frank

September 1, 2021

Take your business somewhere else!

That’s what this diner owner in Florida posted on a sign on her door. She’s fed up with President Joe Biden and his disastrously bungled withdrawal and evacuation.

This was the only way she could speak out and she’s letting her views be known!

ugarte sign

The spot in Florida is called the DeBary Diner and the owner, Angie Ugarte, posted the sign on her door saying the following: “If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere.”

Ugarte posted the sign on the day that 13 United States service members lost their life in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber was able to penetrate the perimeter defense and detonate a device, causing absolute mayhem.


This happened probably because of weak Taliban forces and improper planning by the US, who for some reason agreed to have Taliban be on defense at the time? Which makes people wonder why we weren’t watching out for our own perimeter, knowing the history of the Taliban and all…

Ugarte spoke with Fox 35 News and said: “It was the only thing I felt like I could do… I was just angry. I was just let down. I felt like one of those mothers, or wives, or sisters who were gonna get that knock on the door… If you really, really still stand behind what’s allowed this to happen and the way it happened – which was unnecessary then I really don’t want to be associated with you in any way and I certainly don’t want your business.”

The owners also said that many of her customers are veterans and she has a wall in the diner dedicated to the military. Ugarte also blames President Joe Biden and his administration for what happened in Afghanistan, suggesting that the loss of 13 service members falls directly on his administration.

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Many call for Joe Biden to resign, but that would leave us with Kamala Harris and she’s probably ten times worse.




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