by Frank

December 15, 2020

A restaurant owner scolds public health inspectors who are issuing him a citation after he kept his restaurant open despite being issued a closure order. The owner, Anton Van Happen who runs ‘Nick the Greek’ asked the health inspectors who came to give the citation, “are going to pay my rent” when they suggested that he was supposed to be closed.

It is unclear what caused his restaurant to be ordered for closure, but he insists he took the steps to keep it open and someone else made a mistake.

The woman says he’s in violation because he was already issued a closure. Now they’re giving him a citation for staying open after he was already closed.

Van Happen argues with them for a while and it does get fairly intense. However, the male inspector says he could have been opened already had he followed those steps, but Van Happen suggests that steps were followed and he’s been following the rules and doing takeout only, etc.

More details on the specifics are needed for clarity, but here is the video posted by Jorge Ventura who records for Daily Caller. Ventura posted this in his tweet, along with the video: “Are you going to pay my rent ? says owner Anton Van Happen of ‘Nick The Greek’ to public health inspectors issuing him a citation for staying open after being issued a closure order. Things got tense.

If there’s one thing we need to figure out, it’s this – why can Walmart have tons of shoppers in it but restaurants sometimes are told to be closed? Why can I go into Target and stand in line next to 15 people, but I can’t go to my gym that usually only has about 10 people tops?


None of this nonsense makes any sense because none of it is consistent. It’s different everywhere and people are being affected when their business has to close down. How are they going to pay rent if they’re not making any money?

Watch the video:




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