by Frank

August 22, 2020

Time to put your big shoes on and jump deeper into the rabbit hole! We’ve got multiple major websites posting this story and the alleged nephew apparently donated to a pro-Clinton PAC back in 2016. We’re gonna need to sit down for this one!

I’m looking at a report on several sites that say Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The websites I’m reading are Breitbart, MSN, and Daily Beast and they all point back to what looks to be a celebrity gossip website called OK Magazine.

OK, let’s see what they’re saying about Maxwell’s nephew and Clinton’s state department then. And folks, if this is true, then woah buddy, that’s gonna get people worked up for sure. Or should I say, FO SHO!

According to the report, OK Magazine says Maxwell’s nephew is allegedly named Alexander Djerassi and he allegedly worked at Clinton’s office in the State Department while she was working as the Secretary of State.

OK explains that Djerassi is the son of Maxwell’s sister, Isabel Maxwell.

OK reported exactly this: “according to his online profile, Mr. Djerassi was chief of staff and special assistant in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering U.S. relations with Arab states, Israel, and Iran from 2009 to 2012.”


Then they quote a “source” but they don’t identify the source. I can do that too. I can say “Trump doesn’t like pizza parlors the same way Podesta does,” a source said. And what I did there was make up an entirely FAKE QUOTE and gave credit to my “source” who is just me sitting here thinking of random quotes. So I want to know, who is the source who told this to OK Magazine? WHO SAID IT? Tell us the source so we can verify this story!!

Their “source” was further quoted saying “Secretary Clinton gave Alex a job in one of the most sensitive areas of Obama’s executive apparatus. The fact Alex Djerassi, fresh out of college, was put in charge of the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering the Middle East, was an interesting move. He worked directly on the Arab Spring, and Hillary sent Alex as the US representative to the expatriate rebel groups Friends of Libya and Friends of the Syrian People. His was given special treatment.”

OK, but again, who is this source and why are they speaking in a typo? The “source” literally said “His was given special treatment.” Is this person a foreigner or did the “OK! STAFF” make a typo? You know, because they literally did not put their own writer’s name on the story. The byline says “OK! Staff” and usually when we do that, it’s because 1) we don’t want to be identified, or 2) the story is fake, or 3) we have some other weird covert job that aligns with #1, and finally 4) it’s a story involving Clinton and we certainly don’t wanna be starting something on that front.

Here's some stupid ads. I don't care if you click on them or not. They're probably bullsh-t anyway.

And would you check this out!! If this is the same Alex Djerassi, then he made donations/contributions to Democrat and Hillary Clinton related campaigns or PACs.

According to Campaign Money, he donated at least $9300 back in 2016 and two payments of $2700 went to Hillary for America. Follow the money, right? Or pay the money to get yourself a job at your aunty’s friend’s place of work, which just so happens to be the American Government.

We cannot forget that Ghislaine Maxwell was at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, so there’s definitely plenty of substantial connections here that would see a nephew get a job.


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