by Frank

January 10, 2020

In this video is Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar speaking out against President Donald Trump. She condemns him for “crippling” the Iranian sanctions, despite the fact that she is a known supporter of the BDS movement against Israel. BDS stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions.

She’s speaking here at a House Progressive Caucus press conference where several members have spoken out against Trump. At one point during this event, Ilhan Omar and several others were essentially laughing and joking around, despite the fact they are there speaking about Trump, Iran, and serious issues revolving around the potential for war, casualties, and how a base that housed Americans was attack. Not to mention a passenger plane that was reportedly taken down by mistake.

Rep ilhan Omar has been critical of Trump ever since she joined Congress and has faced her own number of scandals and controversies. She’s reportedly involved in an affair that lead to a man’s divorce, not to mention a few wild claims about her own marriage, which may or may not have been proven.

Here’s a video clip of what she said about Trump and Iran and it shows how she contradicts herself. Is she saying this only because it’s Donald Trump and he’s not a Democrat? Some might believe that answer is yes.




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