by Frank

September 5, 2021

I hope you’re sitting down for this one, because it might make your blood boil so hot even Dracula wouldn’t drink it.

We just lost 13 United States service workers who got killed during a suicide attack in Afghanistan. They were part of a mission trying to withdrawal and evacuate people by the August 31st deadline, but somehow a suicide bomber got through the Taliban perimeter defense (if they even had any) and 13 of our own lost their lives while being part of this big rescue mission.

Meanwhile, this Afghan refugee who was rescued is over here in America complaining about his free food. And of course, he’s doing it on Twitter, because where else…

Here’s the quick video story about refugees arriving in Texas, then back to his complaining:

The ungrateful rescued refugee wrote: “Not complaining but this is what I got last night for dinner and the next meal is 12 hours later. Refugee life might be safe but never easy & favorable. Fort bliss El Paso Texas.


Well, if you have to say you’re not complaining, then YES YOU ARE COMPLAINING!

Here’s a screenshot of his Twitter post, because there’s a solid chance he ends up deleting it because he got absolutely destroyed in the comments

afghan refugee complains about food

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When you look at his full post, you can see there’s more food in the tray. Sure, it ain’t much, but it’s definitely more than the Taliban would give them.

And who knows how much food he already ate or what else is on the other side of this tray next to the other food that he casually left out of the photo for the most part.

more food


There’s three things everyone should know about this guy’s ungrateful post.

3) we lost Americans going over there as part of the mission that brought this man to safety. If we feed him dog food, he should be thankful because he’s not in Afghanistan dealing with the Taliban.

2) that food looks way better than what Michelle Obama’s public school lunches were. They were disgusting and even the poor starving kids threw them in the trash.

1) I hope this guy goes back to Afghanistan. He doesn’t deserve to be here with his ungrateful BS and entitled attitude whining about his free meal. I bet his plane ride was free too. I bet he gets government assistance to start his new life. I bet there’s a whole lot of things he will get just for being rescued while 13 Americans lost their lives over it.

They never had a chance, but this guy does and here’s what he’s doing with it.

Tired of dealing with ignorant entitled people hating on America and the things WE provide for them.

If you don’t like it, then go back to Afghanistan and get on the Taliban lunch plan, or stop being a jack-wagon and start saying thanks..




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