by Frank

July 15, 2021

Liberal pundits are sounding the alarm on a potential Red Wave if the Democrats don’t get their act together. The potential for a red wave comes thanks to crime waves, woke agendas, cancel culture, pronouns, critical race theory, BLM, Antifa, inflation, lack of support for voter ID, the border disaster, Joe Kamala cackling, Joe Biden stumbling, and failing liberal policies that are leading to a complete lack of common sense and putting the country in quite a conundrum.

Greg Gutfeld says there’s already a red wave and it’s the blood being spilled in the Democrat cities with major crime problems that Democratic leadership hasn’t fixed in years.

But the big problem is this – are the Republicans putting anyone in a position to win in 2022, let alone 2024?

Jesse Watters jumps in to shame President Joe Biden for his approval ratings. Watters then mentions the high gas prices and race theory nonsense being pushed into schools. It’s like the left has become activists who aren’t making the progress they think they are.

The panel here on Fox News spends some time discussing what the Democrats have done wrong and how Republicans could take over – but only if they’re smart and don’t make mistakes.

WATCH here:





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