by Frank

September 9, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was seen walking away when a reporter was asking her “what happened to my body my choice” when it comes to covid-19 vaccine mandates.

Psaki had just ended the briefing and walked away as the reporter asked the question. She didn’t seem interested in turning around to address the question and technically didn’t have to, but would be nice if she did.



So it seems like we have a hypocritical situation here with both sides saying “my body, my choice” and some people might argue that when it comes to abortion, there’s also another body involved and it’s the growing cells of the unborn.

I can’t have a baby so I’m staying out of this one, but if I got a woman knocked up and I wanted the baby, and she aborted it, then I would be more than pissed.


The recent Texas law has the country debating this situation once again and it’s got people talking about Roe V Wade, comedians calling out women who are complaining about not being able to get an abortion 3 months into it, and even people like Bette Midler saying women should protest by not having sex. Well, looks like not having sex means people won’t get pregnant and abort their babies then!

But anyway, it’s Bette Midler and she’s disgusting, so it’s not like anyone is checking her oil anytime soon.

The only women who protest by withholding sex are women who aren’t getting laid anyway.

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